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Special memories ...

Featuring many places from around the blue sky city of Beijing ...

ZheJiang province, east China, south of Shanghai. With a selection of episodes from the local TV series 'NingBo Focus', created by presenter Matthew Gallat. Every Chinese city has its unique flavor, but in many ways, this is the New China AnyTown, and recommended viewing .

Love music? Don't miss this great film (turn up the volume; high quality audio) ...

Filmed in December 2013.

一群喜好音樂的志願者在北京國貿的美食街快閃表演了美麗動人的歌曲,包括 "月亮代表我的心", "彎彎的月亮", "甜蜜蜜", "讓我們蕩起雙槳", "茉莉花", "站在高崗上" 以及 "高山青"。我們帶給了現場群眾意外的驚喜,也希望可以跟全世界的朋友分享這份喜悅。 A heart-warming surprise performance of popular traditional Chinese songs at the food court of the China World Trade Center, GuoMao, central-east Beijing.

Grab your walking boots and climb up over night (there are lights) to be ready for sunrise. Also featured is the famous 'Plank Walk'.

HuaShan is one of China's Five Sacred Mountains; it lies in ShaanXi province, about two hours from the city of Xi'An, in central China.

Awesome feel-good dance video ...

Locations: The Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the "Bird's Nest" Beijing National Stadium, QianHai - HouHai, the Temple of Heaven, ZhongShan Park and The Place mall.

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The Tonino Lamborghini ...

WHERE THE CITY DISAPPEARS AN ENCHANDED GARDEN ARISES By crossing the door you are entering a space of timeless beauty and luxury. Located on the banks of the picturesque Jinji Lake, the Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou has been embued with a special spiritual power.

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Karst climbing

Beijing from the air

Li river (Guilin, YangShuo)

China trip (ShangHai, SuZhou and HangZhou)

Hutong ricksaw ride

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Exploring HuangShan mountain (黄山), AnHui province …


Beautiful nature, hair-down relaxation; only 10,000 steps (just kidding – it’s much, much more than that ;) but just look at those views !




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Shanghai in timelapse




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The APEC 2014 Beijing Fireworks Gala 北京亚太会议烟火晚会


Great cultural performances plus a dazzling fireworks show at the Olympic Park …


The Artistic World Gymnastics 2014, NanNing, GuangXi : Opening and team finals


Peng Cheng and Zhang Hao, Exhibition Gala 2014, Cup of China


The ancient capital, Xi’An




Best Days of my Life : )


An up-lifting music video by Nate Noble; filmed during a stint teaching English in ZhuZhou …


China trip – fun-loving pandas in ChengDu, LeShan Giant Buddha, ChongQing and Mount Emei


Plus the Paradise Island Water Park in ChengDu, the Arkansas Jazz Band in ChengDu, and a lot more …

We end with a trip to the wonderful, natural getaway of JinSi Xia, ShaanXi province, and a clip from ‘ChongQing from the Air’, starting with the city at night, and followed by the awesome natural scenery in the surrounding area, including the beautiful peaks and valleys of the Three Gorges area …

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ChengDu Pandas, LeShan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei






HuaShan – the ‘Plank Walk’


Paradise Island Water Park, ChengDu


Arkansas Jazz Band, ChengDu, plus local dancers


YangShuo : bicycle ride and YuLong River raft trip






West Lake, HangZhou




GuangZhou, with a little break-dancing


An evening stroll in Xi’An


The Dutch National Ballet, impromptu performance, BeiJing


Two scenes from ChengDu


JinSi Xia, ShaanXi


ChongQing from the air


Now you’re in Beijing …


Starting with ‘Now you’re in Beijing (commie jungle mix)’, music video

Plus Beijing’s popular attractions, a trip to the blue sky city, QianHai Lake (in central Beijing), the BeiJing to ShangHai sleeper train, a Beijing Opera show, and The Forbidden City (documentary; in English) bonus films …


‘Now you’re in Beijing …’ – think about it – you’re in Beijing, China – it might be different but that is here and not there; sure some things could be better – such as rights and protections for migrant workers, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say.

A few words on the Hu JinTao / Wen JiaBao era – definately one of China’s most successful jumps forward; a major rise in prosperity for all, the growth of great infrastructure, such as the high-speed rail system, and much more, the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo, space exploration, and the list goes on … A happy retirement to two leaders who helped guide China back to greatness !

Mao ZeDong unified the country and helped defeat the Japanese invaders, and for that is a national hero. But things didn’t go so well subsequently and on his death the ‘Gang of Four’ were arrested and China took a new path, though slowly at first following the courageous efforts of Deng XiaoPing. But it was not until circa 1990 that China really began to take off. So its rise to greatness, once more, is remarkable for having been achieved, from so little, in just 25 years. Obviously, they have done most things very right.



GuangZhou for two


Keep the love …

Excellent cinematography