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The Forbidden City (Palace Museum), the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall (at Badaling), Beihai Park, the Botanical Garden, JingShan Park, the Olympic Park, Qianmen

Welcome to the blue-sky city .

A fascinating, hour plus documentary by CCTV's Travelogue (from the English language CCTV9 channel).

One of China's most vibrant cities ...

With a great song by Pharrell Williams

Featuring many places from around the blue sky city of Beijing ...

In a few hours it will be China's 'Singles Day' 11 / 11.

Hoping all our visitors will find (or have found) their true love .

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The Tonino Lamborghini ...

WHERE THE CITY DISAPPEARS AN ENCHANDED GARDEN ARISES By crossing the door you are entering a space of timeless beauty and luxury. Located on the banks of the picturesque Jinji Lake, the Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou has been embued with a special spiritual power.

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New films – July 2014


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* Lijiang


* Karst climbing


* Beijing from the air
Various places including the Ming Tombs, World Park and the Summer Palace


* Hutong ricksaw ride


* Li river (Guilin, YangShuo)


* China trip (ShangHai, SuZhou and HangZhou)


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Beautiful scenes from the ‘Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony’


Shaolin Temple is located near the base of SongShan Mountain near DengFeng in Henan province and is the cradle of ShaoLin Kung Fu Buddhist culture.

The live show is located in DaiXian Valley, 7 kilometers from the ShaoLin Temple and ten kilometers south of DengFeng in ZhengZhou city. Performances: 20:00 – 21:15 between mid-March and mid-November.

Awesome …


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HangZhou – ‘Heaven on Earth’


Eight hundred years ago, Marco Polo described HangZhou as the most enchanting place on Earth.

West Lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adjacent to the West Lake is a scenic area that includes historical pagodas and other cultural sites, blended with the natural beauty of the landscape, including Phoenix Mountain. The lake is crossed by two causeways.

Check out this beautiful city, two hours from Shanghai, the famous West Lake and the wonderful show ‘Impression West Lake’ …


More songs from The Voice of China


Starting with a well-known Chinese song.

Last video is a complete concert – and see the judges sing too :)




Songs include:

2) Duet, including Time to Say Goodbye, with Ping An (平安) & Ni Ya Feng (倪雅丰)

3) Against All Odds (take a look at me now) and much more …


Sailing along the beautiful Li River


Between Yangshuo and Guilin, GuangXi province



Summer is hotting up in Beijing


Despite its northern location, Beijing, the blue sky city, is one of the sunniest places in China and, in summer, also one of the hottest.

Although around 1,000 miles north of Shanghai, and some 2,000 miles north of Hong Kong and tropical Hainan, Beijing is hotter through the summer months (mid-may to mid-September). Generally a dry heat, tropical thunderstorms can appear on occasion, and with night time temperatures in the 70s you’ll be dancing in the rain ;)

Temperatures will reach into the 100s this week (40C). Keep hydrated with iced honey-lemon tea; and send in your videos :)

Excursion ideas : the in-the-mountains Buddhist temples of JieTaiSi and TanZheSi (bus, from the western end of metro line 1), the coastal city of TianJin (train), the beach at BeiDaiHe (train) and the nearby eastern end of the Great Wall (QinHuangDao), the imperial summer resort of ChengDe (combine with a visit to Simatai / JinShanLing Great Wall; coach or train), LongQing Gorge (LongQing Xia), the Spirit Way and general countryside at the Ming Tombs.

TianJin can be a day trip as it is connected by high-speed rail, but two days would be great too. For ChengDe or BeiDaiHe, two or three days is best. Remember to take your passport in order to check in to a hotel.

Or (more locally) visit the beach / pool at ChaoYang Park. Also, consider the Summer Palace (YiHeYuan), YuanMingYuan (the ‘old’ / original Summer Palace), BeiHai and JingShan Parks, the Ethic Culture Park (MinZu), the Olympic Forest Park, and these places in the Western Hills: XiangShan Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, BaDaChu (Eight Great (Buddhist) Sites area).



China wedding


In a few hours it will be China’s ‘Singles Day’ 11 / 11.

Hoping all our visitors will find (or have found) their true love …

Starting with ‘Superhero wedding’ in Hainan …

Romantic songs galore …

When love calls your name … are you ready to believe ? Are you strong enough, to trust in love …?

No matter what …

Forever my baby; always yours …

A beautiful heart creates our paradise …

It can be a beautiful world, when you share your dream …

It’s amazing !

You can count on me …

Three little words :

Wo ai ni (I love you) …

Waiting for my chance,

I was lost, then found,

All I know is :

We’re all in the dance.

One life … one love …




Happy in Shanghai … and Macau … and Hong Kong … : )( :


With a great song by Pharrell Williams