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This great film explores some of China's history and culture through the beautiful nature, traditions and ancient structures of Henan province .

A beautiful voice; a musical treat :)

The multi award-winning, international superstar diva - the inimitable Jane Zhang .

The second video shows the overnight sleeper train.

The exquisitely beautiful LiJiang (丽江) is located in YunNan province in south west China and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Starting with 'Listen', 'Feeling Good', 'At Last' and 'Something's got a hold on me'. Plus 'Price tag', 'Time to say goodbye', '(Does that make me) Crazy', 'She's gone' and 'What a wonderful world', plus some classic Chinese songs.

In a few hours it will be China's 'Singles Day' 11 / 11.

Hoping all our visitors will find (or have found) their true love .

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The Tonino Lamborghini ...

WHERE THE CITY DISAPPEARS AN ENCHANDED GARDEN ARISES By crossing the door you are entering a space of timeless beauty and luxury. Located on the banks of the picturesque Jinji Lake, the Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou has been embued with a special spiritual power.

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Latest videos include :


Karst climbing

Beijing from the air

Li river (Guilin, YangShuo)

China trip (ShangHai, SuZhou and HangZhou)

Hutong ricksaw ride

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Amazing, beautiful China


From Tibet to Beijing …

Places include : BeiJing 北京 | Tibet 西藏 | The Three Gorges, YangTse River 长江三峡 | HongHu Lake, HuBei 洪湖(湖北) | ZiWei Flower Park, ShaoYang, HuNan 紫微花公园,邵阳 (湖南) | ZhangJiaJie 张家界(湖南)


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Meet me in Shanghai


A mini drama …

First published July 2013


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Aerial scenes of YangShuo and Guilin, GuangXi province


Beautifully filmed with a ‘toy’ helicopter …


Yunnan – a slideshow


Over an hour of beautiful photographs taken throughout Yunnan province …

Plus wonderfully relaxing music :)


Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan province


There are three trails along this deepest river gorge in the world – lower, middle and upper. The views are amazing and the experience truly unforgettable.



Interlude – asian culture


Malay singer Zee Avi with Concrete Wall, some free-running from Thailand, with a difference, Korean-american David Choi with That Girl, and Sticker Travel in Vietnam …

First published in May 2013.



WongFu Productions – a selection of dramas


Funny and sometimes bitter-sweet dramas …

Featuring the great music of Jesse Chui and Thomas’ Apartment

A History of the Peace Sign


Hong Kong Dream Line (2 parts)


Nice Guy (3 parts)




Say no to fear and loathing – it’s just a trick – ‘divide and conquer’; ‘we, the people,’ stand together and celebrate our strength and the beauty of diversity. One world, one people, many cultures = paradise …


The BeijingBuzzz mid-summer music gala, 2014


A little late this year ;)

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