Videos about ChongQing, China

ChongQing 重庆 – fog city / green city …

[video v=MIK5PmkOEvA]

Beautiful ChongQing 重庆

A composition of aerial and time-lapse scenes ...

[video v=gL6ZM0IA9Aw]

ChongQing 重庆 night views …

[video v=UiYgovg-5EU start=31]

ChongQing 重庆 : light rail, urban planning, food and tourism

[video v=_wZOW7c-qZw]

ChongQing 重庆 city in time-lapse

[video v=tojbZECYmE0 start=45]

ChongQing 重庆 musical fountains night shows

ChongQing 重庆 city

ChongQing lies on the YangTze (YangZi) River in central China, just to the east of SiChuan province, and is one of the world's largest cities. Administratively, it is one of China's four direct-controlled municipalities (the others are Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin).

ChongQing Hot Springs 重庆温泉

A little history and beautiful scenes of the hot springs today in ChongQing, SiChuan province ...

Beautiful landscapes around ChongQing 重庆

Mountains, gorges, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests, geoparks, nature reserves, national parks and scenic spots. A wonderful film by ChongQing TV (a 25 minute excerpt from the full hour-long video).

Beautiful ChongQing 重庆 city from the air at night

A 7 minute excerpt from the hour long film. Awesome ...

A bird's eye view of ChongQing 重庆

In central China.

Adoption story

Feature length (one and a half hours) film. Shows lots of places and everyday life in three cities: Beijing, ChongQing and GuangZhou.

The Three Natural Bridges 天生三桥 of WuLong County, ChongQing

A great day out in splendid scenery ... Part of the movie Curse of the Golden Flower was filmed here. The scenic area is about two and a half hours from the city of ChongQing by bus and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

YangTse River cruise from ChongQing - video

Filmed in late summer, 2010.

This is ChongQing 重庆

A visual introduction ...

ChongQing 重庆 from the air (night)

Despite being one of the world's largest cities, ChongQing is little known in the West. View the sumptuous feast of color as ChongQing TV flies over the city at night ChongQing (now a municipality) has long served as the economic focus in the upstream YangTze River area; a major manufacturing centre and a transportation hub for south-west China.

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