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Awesome YunNan 云南 province

First, a beautiful time-lapse film by KevinWK.

Don't miss it ...

[video v=NU7S8W1Vi_I]

Plus, A trip to LiJiang (and Shangrila), YunNan ...

[video v=UykYapv8F20][video v=LXCsc7qlKGo][video v=oERir6yl6kU]

Exploring beautiful YunNan 云南 province

A BeiJingBuzzz special.

Including DaLi 大力, LiJiang 丽江, Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡 and ChengDu 成都.

A great film - don't miss it ...

[video v=IByQkQ-kdlk start=48]
[video v=6ZuSednapM0]
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Wonderful YunNan 云南

Featuring KunMing, the provincial capital, LiJiang, the outdoor show 'Impression LiJiang', BaiSha village, ShiLin Stone Forest, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri-La ...

[video v=DwDGw_AhFmM start=2:26] [video v=rQlLjc-QW80] [video v=OG9riDusOmM] [video v=PTcI1Lwd0Os]

The awesomely beautiful ancient town of LiJiang 丽江, YunNan province, in Ultra HD / 4K

Don't miss this great film !

LiJiang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; "LiJiang is an exceptional ancient town set in a dramatic landscape which represents the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions to produce an urban landscape of outstanding quality."

[video v=vlsM-r3Vp4Q]

LiJiang 丽江 and DaLi 大理. YunNan province

The 'old towns'.

We begin with an Ultra HD (4K) video of Dali Old Town and the nearby Three Pagodas ...

[video v=e41IyV0PRFE][video v=LyXSZ_yshZk][video v=sQ0xfX0CRmc][video v=Dm8ht0ZlkII][video v=GixZfWqlN5U]

'My Shangri-la' 香格里拉

An 11 day trip through YunNan province in the snow ... Plus, 'Never regret a trip to LiJiang' ... Includes the nearby Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Winter trip to LiJiang 李江 YunNan province

YunNan 云南 travels ...

Places include: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, LiJiang old town, ShiLin Stone Forest and KunMing city, the provincial capital.

A visit to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 玉龙雪山

Yu Long Xue Shan (玉龙雪山), near LiJiang, in YunNan province. The highest peak is named ShanZiDou (扇子陡) - 5,596 meters / 18,360 feet. On the far side of the mountain lies Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hu Tiao Xia / 虎跳峡).

Exploring beautiful LiJiang 丽江

The exquisitely beautiful LiJiang (丽江) is located in YunNan province in south west China and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is populated mainly by the NaXi ethnic minority. LiJiang lies close to Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Snow Dragon Mountain.

Return to LiJiang 丽江

LiJiang lies in the north of YunNan province, close to bordering SiChuan province. Winter is still a good time to visit LiJiang as it is the dry season (2mm / month rainfall in January compared with 250mm in July) with a not-too-bad day-time high of 15C (0C during the night). Some of the lakes might be dry, but with plenty of sunshine there's still lots to see and do ...

Extreme Marathon, LiJiang 丽江

The marathon routes around LiJiang. passing the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. This film is of the 2013 event which took place at the end of march (2013).

Impression LiJiang 印象丽江 - the open-air musical

Impression LiJiang is a one hour, open-air musical based on local folklore and song, directed by famed film director Zhang YiMou, with Wang ChaoGe and Fan Yue. Featuring a cast of over 500 performers, it is staged in front of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in YunNan province. The most famous music item is the Naxi song 'Return Home'.

Beautiful LiJiang 丽江 at night ...

Song and dance, late night shopping, dining, strolling ...

This is LiJiang 丽江 old town ...

The ancient town of LiJiang, in YunNan province, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with over 800 years of history. It was an important hub of the South Silk Road, along which many items were traded, including tea. It is home to the NaXi ethnic minority. LiJiang has lots of boutique hotels and cosy hostels in traditional architecture. The town, with its cobbled streets, streams and bridges, features many crafts (embroidery, silverware, drums and more) plus a wide variety of street snacks and restaurants.

Scenic China 中国 ...

The first film features KunMing and ShiLin (YunNan province), GuiLin and YangShuo (GuangXi province); the second LiJiang, Shangri-la and DaLi (YunNan province); and the third ZhouZhuang and SuZhou (JiangSu province) ...

Beautiful LiJiang 丽江 in YunNan province

With CCTV's Travelogue. About two thirds of China's 56 ethnic groups are to be found in Yunnan. The name YunNan means 'south of the clouds'; it lies in south China and borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

The Shangri-la - LiJiang 'Ultra Marathon' - video

2012 (first) and 2011 ...

A trip through YunNan 云南 province

Including LiJiang, ShanGri-La, the ShiLin Stone Forest and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain ...

China trip clips - LiJiang 丽江 and Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡

YunNan province.

The beautiful old town of LiJiang 丽江

In YunNan province.

Postcards from YunNan 云南 province

Beautiful scenes from south central China ...

The old town of LiJiang 丽江, YunNan province

LiJiang has a history of more than 800 years. The old town, with its picturesque streams and bridges, traditional architecture and cobbled streets, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The second film shows the 'Black Dragon Pool'.

The charming LiJiang Old Town 丽江古城, YunNan province

The beautiful water-town of LiJiang, part of LiJiang city, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A trip to LiJiang 丽江 and XiShuangBanNa 西双版纳, YunNan province

LiJiang is primarily home to the NaXi ethnic minority. XiShuangBanNa is close to the border with Myanmar.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 玉龙雪山 and LiJiang 丽江, YunNan province

Filmed in February 2010. The peak of the mountain range is 5,600 meters. The view of the mountains from the gardens at the Black Dragon Pool (HeiLong Tan) in LiJiang is regarded as one of China's finest. On the far side of the mountains lies Tiger Leaping Gorge (HuTiao Xia). LiJiang is a city with nearly 1.5 million inhabitants, yet LiJiang Old Town has the architecture and atmosphere of times past; indeed, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Old Town, with its waterways and ornamental bridges, dates back over 800 years.

LiJiang - the Venice of the East - video

LiJiang is an historic Chinese town in the province of YunNan. Dayan, LiJiang's old town, contains an intriguing variety of canals and waterways that developed at the beginning of the 12th century, during the Late Song dynasty.

A trip around China 中国 - video

Filmed in summer 2009. Places include: 1: BeiJing and the Great Wall 2: PingYao, Xi'An 3: XiaHe, ChengDu, LiJiang, ZhongDian, DaLi 4: ShiLin, YangShuo 5: YangShuo, Hong Kong

Ancient LiJiang, YunNan province - video

Nice visuals; commentary in German.

Scenes from LiJiang, YunNan province - video

Home of the Naxi Ethnic Minority.

WuYi Shan, LiJiang and ZhangJiaJie - video

WuYi Shan in Fujian, LiJiang in Yunnan and ZhangJiaJie in Hunan provinces.

A trip to LiJiang, YunNan province - video

Lovely slideshow ...

Charming LiJiang, YunNan province - video

A UNESCO World Heritage Site. LiJiang old town is one of the best preserved in China and is home to the Naxi minority. Nearby attractions include the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Lugu Lake.

A trip to DaLi 大理 and LiJiang 丽江, YunNan province

Filmed in November 2009

A trip to LiJiang 丽江, YunNan province - video

October 2009.

Impression LiJiang 印象丽江 - video

A clip of the outdoor show. It is one of a series named 'Impression ...' in different places around China that highlight traditional folk culture and natural scenery. Part directed by acclaimed film director Zhang Yimou, who also directed the 2008 Beijing Olympics ceremonies. The location here is in front of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Xueshan).

LiJiang 李江 and the Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡, YunNan province

Beautiful place; lovely film ...

Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡, YunNan province - slideshow video

60 kilometers north of LiJiang in south west China. The gorge is about 15 kilometers long and passes the 5,600m high Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

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