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ChengDu 成都 travel vlog

Provincial capital of SiChuan.

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Bonus film - a day in the life of a China vlogger ...

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Awesome SiChuan 四川 province

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Exploring beautiful YunNan 云南 province

A BeiJingBuzzz special.

Including DaLi 大力, LiJiang 丽江, Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡 and ChengDu 成都.

A great film - don't miss it ...

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Welcome to beautiful ChengDu 成都 …

Chéngdū is the capital of SiChuan province.

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ChongZhou 崇州, ChengDu, SiChuan province

Chóngzhōu lies about 35 kilometers west of downtown ChengDu.

A beautiful film ...

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SiChuan Cuisine in ChengDu 成都

A special culinary treat ! Trevor James, the 'Food Ranger', explores the dining scene in ChengDu, SiChuan province ...

Chinese New Year : The people's fireworks, ChengDu 成都

What it is like in a Chinese city during the Spring Festival ... Warning - loud !

Panda Base : The Panda Research Center in ChengDu 成都

This center, 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地, in SiChuan province, has been created to imitate the natural habitat of the Giant Panda and other rare species, for research, breeding and education. One can also see the so-called Red Panda. Bonus films : ChengDu city center at night ... 10 great places to visit in ChengDu ... 11 : The largest building in the world: the New Century Global Center ... And ChengDu in timelapse ...

The 'Panda Base' Research, Education and Breeding Center, ChengDu 成都

SiChuan province. 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地

Panda eating lunch in ChengDu 成都

At the Panda Base research center ...

China 中国 trip - fun-loving pandas in ChengDu, LeShan Giant Buddha, ChongQing and Mount Emei

Plus the Paradise Island Water Park in ChengDu, the Arkansas Jazz Band in ChengDu, and a lot more ... We end with a clip from 'ChongQing from the Air', starting with the city at night, and followed by the awesome natural scenery in the surrounding area, including the beautiful peaks and valleys of the Three Gorges area ... PLEASE DONATE to this site - we really need your help to keep going; see the donate button on the right. ChengDu Pandas, LeShan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei Paradise Island Water Park, ChengDu Arkansas Jazz Band, ChengDu, plus local dancers Two scenes from ChengDu ChongQing from the air

ChengDu Pandas 成都潘达

Panda Kindergarten - ChengDu Panda Base, SiChuan province

ChengDu 成都 !

Famous for spicy hot-pot, pandas, tea and much, much more, and a fast growing business center, welcome to ChengDu, provincial capital of SiChuan province in central-south-west China ...

ChengDu 成都 Cosplay - video

Filmed in the summer, 2013 ...

A peek inside the world's largest building - video

At 18 million square feet of floor space, the world's largest footprint building. It faces the ChengDu Contemporary Arts Center and lies on line 1 of the metro.600 meters long and 100 meters high, with beach, IMAX screens, hotel, ice rink, restaurants and more, welcome to the New Century Global Center in ChengDu ...

Explore ChengDu 成都

ChengDu is the provincial capital of SiChuan in south west China.Discover Chengdu, China, with InterContinental Century City Chengdu`s Concierge ...

Beautiful ChengDu 成都 ...

ChengDu is the provincial capital of SiChuan, in south west China. The film includes the Panda Research Center, ChengDu city center, JinLi historical district, Happy Valley and more ...

A trip to XiLing 西陵 'Snow Mountain'

Near ChengDu, SiChuan province.

The BeijingBuzzz video awards 2011 - special mention 2 - video

StudyAbroadUSAC - Study Abroad, in ChengDu and ShangHai

ChengDu 成都 city in the evening

ChengDu is the provincial capital of SiChuan. Filmed in June 2012.

Pandas at the Research / Visitor Center in ChengDu 成都

The 'PandaBase', SiChuan province.

Study abroad : in ChengDu 成都

SiChuan province in south-west China ...

Interesting places around ChengDu 成都 - video

Some noteworthy places not far from ChengDu, SiChuan province, with CCTV's Travelogue ...

ChengDu 成都 Panda Base

Plus a glimpse of the LeShan Giant Buddha. SiChuan province.

ChengDu Pandas !

SiChuan province. Filmed at the ChengDu Panda Base and the BiFengXia Panda Base.

A trip to Hong Kong 香港 and ChengDu 成都 - video

Including the 10,000 Buddha monastery.

Dancing around China 中国 (2) - video

24 teens travel to Beijing, Ya'An, Xi'An, ChengDu, YangShuo, Guilin and Shanghai ...

Pandas at the research center in ChengDu 成都

Filmed in May 2009. At the Panda Research Center in ChengDu, Sichuan province. Also known as the Panda Base, it is the world's largest panda reserve. It is the best place to see pandas in an environment close to their natural habitat.

'Travelling Girl' (music) - video

Filmed in and around ChengDu.

People's Park in ChengDu 成都 - video

Beautifully landscaped and with plenty of activity, like all parks in China. ChengDu is the capital of SiChuan province.

Tree-climbing Panda - video

At the Panda Base in ChengDu, SiChuan province

Pandas at the ChengDu Research Center, SiChuan province - video

ChengDu Panda Base, a non-profit research and breeding facility, was founded in 1987. The center's goal is to "be a world-class research facility, conservation education center, and international educational tourism destination." There have been over 100 panda births here since its opening.

China trip: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Hong Kong - video

Filmed in spring 2010.

Playful pandas at the Panda Research Center, ChengDu 成都

Filmed in summer 2009.

Giant pandas at the ChengDu 成都 Panda Research Center

SiChuan province.

A trip around China 中国 - video

Filmed in summer 2009. Places include: 1: BeiJing and the Great Wall 2: PingYao, Xi'An 3: XiaHe, ChengDu, LiJiang, ZhongDian, DaLi 4: ShiLin, YangShuo 5: YangShuo, Hong Kong

Highlights of a year in China - video

Includes Hainan, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiahe, Songpan, Langmusi, Juizhaigo, Nature Reserve, Kunming, Hong Kong, Jin Xi, Zhou Zhuang, Chengdu ...

A trip to Emei Shan, Sichuan province - video

At 3,100 meters (10,170 ft), Mount Emei is the highest of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, there are over 70 monasteries here. At the top is Wan-Nian. Emei Shan National Park is 150 kilometers south of ChengDu and 28 kilometers from LeShan. At least one whole day is required. Accommodation is available in some of the monasteries and some people like to view the sunrise from the peak. Tip: buy a mountain map and explore the interesting places off the main trail. Warm and rain-proof attire and good shoes/boots is recommended as the mountain is often bathed in cloud on the way up and the peak can be very cold. Part 1 (the ascent) :  Part 2 (the monastry at the top of the mountain) :

Chinese New Year lantern display, ChengDu - video

Filmed on 12th February 2010.

Mei Lan : Panda lunch, panda snooze - video

Three year old Mei Lan at Atlanta Zoo a couple of months before she was moved to the ChengDu Panda Base in China.

A guide to ChengDu 成都

With CCTV's Travelogue. ChengDu is the capital city of SiChuan province and home of the spicy hot-pot.

An introduction to ChengDu 成都, SiChuan province

'I love my city' (song) :

Pandas at the ChengDu 成都 Panda Research Center

Pandas doing their favorite thing - eating bamboo :) Filmed at the Chengdu Panda Research Center, ChengDu, SiChuan province, in 2008. The smaller Red Panda :

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