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The beautiful DeTian waterfalls between China and Vietnam – don’t miss it

Awesome scenery; great film ...

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DaXin County, GuangXi 广西 province – karst peaks near MingShi and DeTian Falls

Near / on the border with Vietnam ...

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The beautiful DeTian waterfalls 德天瀑布 area, GuangXi province

DéTiān PùBù, 'Virtuous Heaven Waterfall', is Asia's largest and easily viewed by walkways and boat.

The waterfalls lie in the south of GuangXi province on the border with Vietnam. There are buses from NanNing, the provincial capital.

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The beautiful waterfalls at DeTian 德天瀑布, GuangXi province

The exceedingly beautiful falls lie on the China - Vietnam border.

The largest waterfall is over 200 meters wide and has a drop of more than 70 meters, in three tiers.

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The spectacular DeTian Waterfalls 德天瀑布

GuangXi Province, on the border with Vietnam.

Filmed in June 2009.

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