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The amazing ShenZhen 深圳 40th anniversary lights show

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ShenZhen 深圳 city tour

GuangDong province.

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Preserving cultural traditions and identity while embracing the new …

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Return to ShenZhen (plus the awesome city lights show)

Globe-trotting vlogger Jordan ('Travellight') missed China so much that she took a trip back to her first destination there - ShenZhen in GuangDong province.

Defintely don't miss the amazing light show near the end of the film (8:45) ...

[video v=bEL28bWAVZQ]

Bonus films - a short introduction to ShenZhen, and a longer guide to the city ...

[video v=Ecy6vgXbNdQ][video v=04rYFwZ5uqA]

ShenZhen 深圳 and surrounding area from the air

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An aerial view of ShenZhen 深圳 city at night

30 days trip to GuangZhou 广州 and ShenZhen 深圳

GuangDong province ... Bonus film - 广州花城广场延时摄影Timelapse & Hyperlapse of HuaCheng Square

ShenZhen 深圳 - city of the future (documentary)

A look at how the city of ShenZhen is leading the way in robots, electric vehicles and solar powered charging stations, plus an automated parking solution ... Bonus films - aerial view of ShenZhen by drone ... plus, driving around ShenZhen ...

ShenZhen 深圳 stroll

Modern China, center of business and commerce, began here, in GuangDong province, south east China, just forty years ago, following the vision and effort of Deng XiaoPing (1904 - 1997). Deng XiaoPing opened China to the world, as it had been during the long period of a prior golden age with the Silk Road to the Middle East and Europe (by land) and other parts of south east Asia and as far as Africa via the Silk Road of the Sea. His policies are credited with helping China to develop in the most startling transformation that the world has ever seen, raising the standard of living of hundreds of millions. This followed his Southern Tour of 1992 when the likelihood of adoption of his vision still looked slim. Deng was also a key player in the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997. Too far. some might say, but without this move, the position to debate that would not now exist. Let's take a stroll along a street in the downtown on a spring evening ...

Insiders' Guides, 2016

With Insider TV. BeiJing ... ShangHai ... HangZhou ... GuangZhou ... ShenZhen ... Hong Kong ... Macau ...

Happy in Shanghai ... and Macau ... and Hong Kong ... and ShenZhen ... : )( :

With a great song by Pharrell Williams

ShenZhen 深圳 guide, 2016

GuangDong province, south east China. With KayLi Lum and Insider TV ...

Happy in ShenZhen 深圳 : )

Great video ! Song by Pharrell Williams ... Bonus film : hop in for a drive around ShenZhen ...

ShangHai 上海 night drive ...

Bonus film - ShenZhen morning drive ...

Electric unicycle ride, ShenZhen 深圳

Filmed in December 2014. No 'stem' or handle-bars, and only one wheel so more easily manouverable by leans. It's just awesome ! Flying along the river at night in ZhongShan city, GuangDong province.

China cities guides, spring 2015

With Insider TV. Each film includes both the famous places and also interesting places that are less well known, including dining and nightlife.

ShenZhen 深圳 scenes, GuangDong province

This is ShenZhen city 深圳 !

A beautiful, green city in GuangDong province, close to GuangZhou and Hong Kong. A 15 minute drive around ShenZhen with dash-cam A timelapse film of ShenZhen, GuangZhou and Hong Kong A comprehensive guide to ShenZhen

GuangZhou 广州, ShangHai 上海 and ShenZhen 深圳 in beautiful time-lapse

A film by Pryadko Artem and Shishkovski Dmitry

Highlights of the closing ceremony of the 26th Universiade, ShenZhen 深圳

August 2011. Staged at the 'Window of the World'. Includes the handover to Kazan, Russia for July 2013.

The 26th Summer Universiade in ShenZhen 深圳 - Opening Ceremony

August 12th, 2011.

ShenZhen 深圳 Summer Universiade 2011 highlights

August 2011.

Skateboarding in ShangHai, BeiJing and ShenZhen

Filmed in 2012 ...

Hong Kong 香港 to ShenZhen 深圳 by rail

Filmed in spring 2012.

Highlights of the 2011 Universiade Opening Ceremony in ShenZhen 深圳

GuangDong province. August 12th, the kick-off of the 26th Summer Universiade took place with the traditional Opening Ceremony. A third Universiade for China, after 2001 (Summer) in Beijing and 2009 (Winter) in Harbin. Therefore, the expectations were high as the Chinese are known to be masters in staging big shows. And once again the hosts did not disappoint. A dazzling and colorful show took place in front of 25,000 spectators giving the green light for 12 days of thrilling sport competitions between student-athletes in 24 sports. ~ FISUTV

A guide to ShenZhen 深圳 (part 2) - video

GuangDong province. With CCTV's Travelogue ...

A guide to ShenZhen 深圳 (part 1/2) - video

GuangDong province. With CCTV's Travelogue ...

The ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade Opening Ceremony

Summer 2011, GuangDong province.

The ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade Closing Ceremony Gala 2011

GuangDong province, in south-east China

The ShenZhen Summer Universiade 2011 : highlights - video

The 26th Summer Universiade, in beautiful GuangDong province ...

China 中国 cities' metro train systems

These clips are from ShenZhen in GuangDong province. Like the metro in other Chinese cities, the subway systems are ultra modern, clean, efficient, spacious and cheap to use ...

Closing ceremony of the ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade 2011 - video

Order : 1: Cultural performances 2: Cultural performances 3: Songs 4: National flags 5: Speeches 6: Handover to Kazan, Russian Federation The last two videos are a taster of the atmosphere inside the main stadium during the last week.

The city of ShenZhen 深圳 : some scenes

Including ShenZhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. The second video shows the CBD area; the third, LongCheng Square. The fourth is a news item about the 5 metro (subway) train lines that opened in June and the next five to be started this year. The fifth looks at the World Ice Arena, with Chen Lu and Denis Petrov.

The opening of the 26th Universiade in ShenZhen - video

Friday 12th August 2011. Highlights of the spectacular opening of the Summer Universiade, the world student Olympics. The cultural performances start just before halfway through the second video. The third shows the torch ceremony and innovative lighting of the flame.

Window of the World, ShenZhen 深圳

In GuangDong province. Famous places from around the world feature in this beautiful park. It even features a ski run, cable car and kayak course. Plus an optional evening show and fireworks at weekends. It's easy to arrive - take a subway train to ShiJieZhiChuang (Window of the World) station (line 1).

Lotus pond, HongHu Park 红湖公园, ShenZhen 深圳

Window of the World, ShenZhen 深圳, GuangDong province

A theme park with various scale reproductions of places from around the world. Includes activities and performances.

An introduction to business in GuangDong province - video

GuangDong lies on the coast in south east China. The provincial capital is GuangZhou; ShenZhen is another important city in the province. HongKong is next to GuangDong.

Night view of ShenZhen - video

From the observation deck of the ShunHing Square Tower

Window of the World Park, ShenZhen 深圳

A glimpse into some of the many features in this large and lively attraction. "The craftsmanship is excellent. Varies between smaller models and displays that you can walk into. The various live shows are very high quality. The epic final show of the night was similar in scale to a Grand Opera seen in Paris or New York."

Dance performances at the Splendid China Park, 深圳

Filmed in January 2010. This excerpt features dances based on the Thai and Yi minorities. An outdoor traditional culture dance performance :

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