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An introductory guide to TianJin 天津 …

A short 30 minute high speed train ride from BeiJing, TianJin is the largest coastal city in northern China.

[video v=XkagEaVylUU]

Discover beautiful TianJin 天津 …

TianJin lies 30 minutes east of BeiJing by high speed rail, on the coast in north east China.

[video v=Y48gIChTUOo]

The Great Wall 长城 of China Marathon, May 2015 and 2016

HuangYaGuan Great Wall, near TianJin, one hour east of BeiJing by high speed rail, by the coast.

* 2015 ...

[video v=mkQe_rJ8cgU stop=6:05] [video v=SNlRmIwDWIE]

* 2016 ...

Race day film with Liza ...

[video v=Nfsjkkex5zE]

TianJin 天津 Impressions and guide

The coastal city of TianJin is a short high speed rail journey east of Beijing (about 45 minutes) ...

The beautiful HaiHe River night cruise ...

[video v=G0z6XVsJtQ0]

TianJin city guide ...

[video v=kI8mJ5_Wsy8]

TianJin in time-lapse ...

[video v=uZNS7IrMUdo start=30] [video v=-dDrLQsV0i4] [video v=zXN4BWWrdbQ start=20]

A trip to TianJin 天津

A look around this beautiful coastal city ...

[video v=VPZIKIg94Ug start=50 stop=7:50] [video v=kI8mJ5_Wsy8]

TianJin 天津 !

30 minutes east of Beijing by high speed rail lies the important coastal port city of TianJin

A guide to TianJin 天津

A short ride east by high-speed train from BeiJing to the coast.

Beautiful TianJin 天津 night views

Featuring the shopping street of BinJiang Dao. TianJin municipality lies on the coast, just over an hour south east from Beijing by high speed train.

A night-time sail along the HaiHe river through TianJin 天津

TianJin lies east of Beijing on the coast. One of the most vibrant places in China. Just 30 minutes from Beijing by high-speed rail. Take a gentle sail through beautifully lit TianJin ...

The TianJin 天津 Eye

At 120 meters in height it is a Great Wheel of China ...

The Great Wall near TianJin 天津

East of Beijing, The Great Wall winds its way to the sea ...

Night cruise on the TaiHe river, TianJin 天津

Take a gentle sail through beautifully lit TianJin ...

This is TianJin 天津 (part 1/3)

Part 1 - introduction : day and night ...

This is TianJin 天津 (part 2)

Part two looks at 1) the HaiHe River 2) business

This is TianJin 天津 (part 3)

Part three looks at various attractions in the city ...

An introduction to the city of TianJin 天津

TianJin lies on the coast, not far from Beijing.

The high-speed train from BeiJing 北京 to TianJin 天津 - video

Reaching around 330km/hr. Departs from the huge new Beijing South railway station.

Sports facilities at NanKai University 南开大学, TianJin

NánKāi DàXué is a public research university in TianJin, east of BeiJing.

A day trip to the beautiful city of TianJin 天津 (2)

TianJin is a port city not far to the east of BeiJing, with a fast interconnecting rail link. Explore TianJin and the European influences at the turn of the last century.

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