Videos about HaiKou, China

A guide to SanYa and HaiKou, HaiNan 海南

Savvy Sonia in SanYa ...

[video v=WGzuIRq8eE8]   Plus more videos ...



Beautiful HaiKou 海口, HaiNan Island

HǎiKǒu, known as the 'Coconut City', is the capital of semi-tropical HaiNan province in south China; a port city on the island's north coast, facing the mainland.

[video v=H7956L6Myjw]

‘Our first month in HaiNan 海南 (paradise)’ …

Studying in HaiKou 海口, the capital of the island province.

[video v=UR47Z6ieDJA]

HaiKou beach, HaiNan 海南 island

A look at the peaceful HaiKou beach on the tropical island of HaiNan, the southern-most part of China ...

[video v=QLmp0-LUMzc]

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