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The magnificently beautiful Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing 北京

South of the Forbidden City and Tian'AnMen Square in central BeiJing, the blue sky city, lies this amazing Taoist temple, set in an abundant area (now park) of trees and a great place to visit.

The wonderful architecture is brimming with symbolism and the park as a whole is a favorite for locals to hang out and practice Tai Chi or play JianZi (hacky sack), etc ...

[video v=-UE_h2LH8mc]

Beautiful Beijing 北京 – the main attractions

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum), the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall (at Badaling), Beihai Park, the Botanical Garden, JingShan Park, the Olympic Park, Qianmen

Welcome to the blue-sky city ...

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Memories of summer in BeiJing 北京

The blue sky city ...

[video v=l513lrXXDAc][video v=Jtvq1Rzq9Qs][video v=UHgekbxG8WY][video v=X5rN3ZjhaOU]

Filmed by :

* Summer Palace - pavdb092

* Birds Nest National Stadium - Christopher Covington

* QianHai Lake - linditlife

* Temple of Heaven - Wen Gui Claassen

Remastered by : bjkina

Birds Nest music from the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony - 'Letter to the Future'.


The beautiful, and lively, Temple of Heaven 天坛 in BeiJing

The first film shows some scenes of the central temple area, and the second the many activities that take place in the surrounding park ...

[video v=YBCtss9klx0] [video v=F-4EdVfchNE start=50]

Good morning BeiJing 北京 !

Early morning in the Temple of Heaven (TianTan) park ...

[video v=R7qakyyTZoM] [video v=c1RRqJQXL9g]

The joys of dancing in the park - video

Filmed at the Temple of Heaven, BeiJing ...

The beautiful Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing - slideshow - video

A film by and ...

The beautiful Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing

This film focuses on the three main structures, including the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests ...

Relaxing in BeiJing 北京 - video

Sticker Travel visit PanJiaYuan curio market, join the fun at the Temple of Heaven park, then head over to ShiChaHai to relax in a lakeside bar at QianHai ...

The Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing - video

Temple of Heaven 天坛 timelapse films, BeiJing

Filmed in October 2010.

Panorama of the Temple of Heaven, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in October 2010.

The Temple of Heaven 天坛, Beijing (2)

The magnificent Temple of Heaven (TianTan) was constructed between 1406 and 1420 (Ming dynasty) during the reign of the emperor YongLe who also oversaw the construction of the Forbidden City.The Temple of Heaven was where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would offer sacrifices to heaven and pray for good harvests. The temple complex was extended during the reign of emperor JiaJing during the 16th century (Ming dynasty). JiaJing also constructed three other key temples in Beijing : the Temple of the Sun in the east, the Temple of the Moon in the west, and the Temple of Earth in the north. Emperor QianLong directed a renovation of the Temple of Heaven during the 18th century (Qing dynasty). The architecture and layout of the Temple of Heaven is based on elaborate symbolism and numerology. One example is that the buildings and their settings reflect ancient Chinese religious beliefs that imagine heaven as round and earth as square. Because the Temple of Heaven was to be the place representing Heaven on Earth, it needed to be larger than the Forbidden City; it covers approximately twice the area and is about 2 kilometers from north to south, the primary axis with three main structures; indeed, it is the largest group of constructions for worship in the world. In 1998, the Temple of Heaven was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. In early 2005, the Temple of Heaven underwent a 47 million yuan (6 million USD) renovation that was completed on May 1st, 2006. The Temple of Heaven is a delightful place to spend some time. Arrive in the early morning to watch the Tai Chi experts, although the park is lively all day and into the evening with kite flyers, musicians, singers, dancers and games players (from badminton to Chinese chess).

The Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing (3) - video

Filmed in August 2010.

Local activities in BeiJing's parks 北京

Exercise, singing and dancing in Beihai Park and the Temple of Heaven ...

Dance and games at the Temple of Heaven 天坛 - video

Locals having fun and relaxing in the large park that surrounds the temple ...

Traditional Chinese music at the Temple of Heaven, BeiJing 北京

A gathering of local musicians playing traditional instruments in the Long Corridor ...

A trip to BeiJing 北京

Filmed in October 2009. Places include Simatai Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace ...

Dancing in the park, BeiJing 北京

Various parks in Beijing; mostly the Temple of Heaven.

JianZi at the Temple of Heaven, BeiJing 北京

JianZi is a popular park activity in China.

BeiJing 北京 covered in snow

See the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and TianAnMen Square under snow ...

A guide to the Temple of Heaven 天坛 in BeiJing

TiānTán is an exquisite Taoist temple within large tree-filled gardens.

Three highlights of central BeiJing 北京

Includes TianAnMen Square, the Forbidden City (Palace Museum) and the Temple of Heaven. Video by, which has photos and videos for a number of places around the world.

A trip to the Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing - video

Filmed during the National Day holiday week, October 2009.

BeiJing 北京 from the air

Including the Great Wall at SiMaTai, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and more ...

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