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Restoring ancient pottery for the Palace Museum

[video v=wHG-GRNf2yg]

ShangHai – XinTianDi and the M50 Art Creativity Park

With Wei's Travel ...

[video v=K1DWcKUxfVI]   Plus more videos ...



Beautiful Sleeping Buddha – sculpture art from waste

Last year, artist Hu JunJun was invited to make a six ton Reclining Buddha statue with twigs, which received much attention on exhibition in XiaMen. In her works, the Buddha often appears among colorful Chinese landscapes in a light and graceful style, rather than in the stereotypical manner of religious art works. Master architect Tadao Ando designed a museum for their collection of Buddha statues of the Northern Dynasties over the past decade. At the end of 2020, YIT visited Hu JunJun in her studio and collected the backstage story of her creation and collection of Buddha statues ...

[video v=4G36xDHPxr0]

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Hand dyed denim-like blue cotton


Calico is a plain-woven textile made from unbleached cotton.

Li ZiQi demonstrates her techniques with this traditional art and craft ...

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The beautiful art of Chinese calligraphy

[video v=CN7NkyLH6BA]

A Beautiful Dream 清华大学美术学院宣传片

The TsingHua University Academy of Arts and Design, BeiJing 清华大学美术学院

[video v=1liUaKF0deg]

The YunGang Grottos 云冈石窟

The caves, full of beautiful Buddhist art, are located near DaTong in ShanXi province, north east China (west from Beijing), and date from the 5th century.

Buddhism came to this area via the northern Silk Road that linked Xi'An with Kashgar

[video v=GNsuAgTFzNI]

The 798 Art District, DaShanZi 大山子, BeiJing

Sticker Travel visit 798 at DaShanZi on the outskirts of north east Beijing ...

[video v=5xxt1aawFnI]

Art works from the BeiJing 北京 2008 Olympics

Art works in the Olympic Park, November 2010.

[video v=271_HtvoUvo]

Traditional arts shops in LiuLiChang 琉璃厂, BeiJing

LiuLiChang is a traditional arts street with a long history, situated in the central south-west of Beijing.

The film includes art brushes and seal making. The second video visits a tea shop; the host tries lychee tea (an excellent choice!)

Japanese narration but easy to follow.

[video v=34yQSDUb6Ko]   Plus more videos ...



An introduction to 6,000 years of Chinese art

Video : China : An introduction to 6,000 years of Chinese art

Illustrated by works from China at the Asian Art Museum of San Frascisco, one of the largest collections of Chinese art outside China.

An introduction to the art of Chinese calligraphy - video

Video : China : An introduction to the art of Chinese calligraphy - video

A short film by the Asian Art Museum of San Frascisco Chinese calligraphy contains the essence of art - pure line and space, that also can capture movement and grace.

Some scenes at the 798 Art Zone, DaShanZi, Beijing - video

Video : China : Some scenes at the 798 Art Zone, DaShanZi, Beijing - video

North east of Beijing, inside the fifth ring road.

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