Videos about craftsmanship, China

Springtime peach blossoms …

A beautiful film by LiZiQi ...

[video v=J4Y12QLEaXs]

Bamboo basket weaving 传统竹编提篮

Awesome traditional craft skills; beautiful.

With XiaoXi's Culinary Idyll 我们的小喜 ...

[video v=zuVmbZU0VhM]

Traditional Chinese style oiled paper and bamboo umbrella


[video v=lRukJDSCUHQ]

DIY wood mold for mooncakes and a special ‘five nut’ recipe


"On Mid-Autumn Festival, I made a wooden mold to make five-nuts mooncake from my childhood memory.
When I was young, I love to eat melon seeds, peanuts, crystal sugar in five-nuts mooncake, and occasionally I could eat a bit of sour pericarpium citri reticulatae.
When l eat such a five-nuts mooncake again, all the memories come back."


[video v=aPonC3lmVGI]

DIY chiseled stone cooking pot

Awesome craftsmanship ...

[video v=Rd6xYFyShHY]

Bonus film - a beautiful wood bowl ...

  Plus more videos ...



Amazing bamboo (5) – a country house

[video v=czAJOutx30Q]   Plus more videos ...



Amazing bamboo (4) basket weaving

Beautiful. Traditional Chinese craftsmanship ...

[video v=Midv0i8sVrk]   Plus more videos ...



Chinese Cloisonné 景泰蓝 (JǐngTàiLán)

[video v=b1NLJw5kfgQ]   Plus more videos ...



The lacquered basket – a 500 year old craft

[video v=5KPLzzg9MFM]

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