Geopolitics – war, propaganda, … deconstructed

Here we feature the latest geopolitics videos by the best voices out there …

Ben Norton / Geopolitical Economy Report

[videogallery id=UCwlvSJdcMc7iGdR-aducSog num=4]

Jerry’s Take on China

[videogallery id=UC_DHAzg3miuwH9NMEUCY0Ow num=4]

Brian Berletic / The New Atlas

With Angelo Giuliano.

[videogallery id=UCVkSF37pPXkZbElFjBwUsEA num=4]

Cyrus Janssen

[videogallery id=UCxEQsjgRRfGWiJJu_PDygxw num=4]

Jeffrey Sachs

[videogallery id=UCOfwRv__A6fJx35JtH0v2vQ num=4]

The Geopolitics In Conflict Show

[videogallery id=UC5PW5VO-CIZxbXN1FdGtODw num=4]

Danny HaiPhong

[videogallery id=UCOxLhz6B_elvLflntSEfnzA num=4]

Garland Nixon

[videogallery id=UCkt_q2060zoY6u7_3OwdIWA num=4]

Richard Wolff

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