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Insiders’ Guides, 2016

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BeiJing ...

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ShangHai ...

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HangZhou ...

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GuangZhou ...

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ShenZhen ...

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Hong Kong ...

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Macau ...

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Happy in Shanghai … and Macau … and Hong Kong … and ShenZhen … : )( :

With a great song by Pharrell Williams

[video v=xzyzFxanBEQ][video v=xQA7XyWn9B8][video v=fHxiohJW08M][video v=oM0QXjRytJ8]

This is Macau 澳门 ! – in Ultra HD / 4K

There is much more to beautiful Macau than casinos; there is also the historical legacy of Portuguese / Asian fusion ...

澳门 is actually ÀoMén ('Bay Gateway') in PinYin Chinese, but the Portugese name is most commonly used.

In the first beautiful film are the following locations :

In the video - the principal buildings and public spaces that form the Historic Center of Macau: A-Ma Temple (0:05), Lilau Square (0:39), Mandarin's House (0:50), St. Lawrence's Church (1:13), St. Joseph's Seminary and Church (1:36), Sir Robert Ho Tung Library (1:45), St. Augustine's Square (2:01), St. Augustine's Church (2:07), Dom Pedro V Theatre (2:17), Senado Square (2:35), Holy House of Mercy (2:42), 'Leal Senado' Building (3:12), Sam Kai Vui Kun (Kuan Tai Temple) (3:34), St. Dominic's Church (3:47), Cathedral (4:07), Lou Kau Mansion (4:12), Ruins of St. Paul's (4:29), Mount Fortress (5:01), Section of the Old City Walls (5:44), Na Tcha Temple (5:44), St. Anthony's Church (5:55), Casa Garden (6:06), Protestant Cemetery (6:20), Guia Fortress (including Lighthouse) (6:35).

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China cities guides, spring 2015

With Insider TV.

Each film includes both the famous places and also interesting places that are less well known, including dining and nightlife.

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Snack time in Macau 澳门

With Sticker Travel ...

[video v=TcDD-T4kAp4]

3D 360 degree light and water show, Macau

Video : China : 3D 360 degree light and water show, Macau

At the Bubble Theater in the City of Dreams, Macau. Awesome ...

A guide to Macau 澳门, with CCTV's Travelogue

Video : China : A guide to Macau 澳门, with CCTV's Travelogue

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