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YuanYang rice terraces, YunNan 雲南元陽梯田 (Scenic China Special, 2018 – 1)

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The beautiful YuanYang 元阳 rice terraces in YunNan province

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Plus a little of the canola fields of the HongHe HaNi Autonomous Prefecture in southern YunNan ...

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The beautiful YuanYang 元阳 rice terraces, south YunNan province

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A week in and around YangShuo 阳朔

GuangXi province.

Including the LongJi rice terraces.

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Rural China 中国 from above

Beautiful aerial shots of the rice terraces and karst peaks of GuangXi province, plus the communal Tulou residences in FuJian province ...

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A wonderful family trip through China 中国

A must see, beautiful film if you're thinking of traveling to China - one of the very best films of its type : great adventures, lovely family. Places visited include BeiJing, Xi'An, ZhangJiaJie, GuiLin, Hong Kong, HuaShan, the LongJi rice terraces, and more ...

The YuanYang rice terraces 哈尼奇迹 and DongChuan Grand Red Land 红土大观

A mix of beautiful video and incredible photographs, all in Ultra HD / 4K Yunnan province

Things to see and do in YangShuo 阳朔 and GuiLin 桂林

Join Samuel and Audrey on their backpacking tour of this beautiful part of GuangXi province, south China. Includes YuLong River rafting and nearby rice terraces ...

Views of the LongSheng, LongJi Rice Terraces 龙胜梯田, GuangXi

The beautiful Dragon's Backbone rice terraces; about 60km from GuiLin ...

Hiking adventures in China 中国

Places include HuaShan mountain, wild Great Wall, ZhangJiaJie (WuLingYuan National Forest Park) and the YuanYang rice terraces ...

A trip to GuangXi 广西 and SiChuan 四川 provinces

Two films by ryzdon - LongSheng (Dragon's Backbone) Rice Terraces, GuangXi province, and LeShan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei Scenic Area, SiChuan province ...

A trip through central and south China 中国

Including PingYao, Xi`An, GuiLin, the Dragon`s Backbone Rice Terraces, a Yao minority village, and the Li River ...

A visit to the LongJi (Dragon's Backbone) rice terraces 龙脊梯田 - video

In GuangXi province. Also known as the LongSheng Rice Terraces.

A tour of the Li River 漓江 and the LongSheng rice terraces 龙胜梯田

GuangXi province.

A vacation among the rice terraces of Ping'An 平安

A beautiful film ... The LongSheng (Dragon's Backbone) rice terraces 龙胜梯田 cover an area of around 65 square kilometers (about 16,000 acres) in GuangXi province. Construction of the terraces began during the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), most extensively around 500 years ago during the Ming dynasty, and continues today. The rice terraces stand as testament to the wisdom and strength of the Zhuang and Yao ethnic minorities who form the majority of the locals here. LongJi (the Dragon's Backbone) Mountain is located in LongSheng County, about 100 km (2 hours drive) from GuiLin. The most famous of the rice terrace areas here are the Ping'An and JinKeng rice terraces. The terraced fields are constructed from riversides up to the mountain tops, at elevations of 300 meters (1,000 feet) to 1,100 meters (3,600 feet). A typical incline is 30 to 35 degrees. This area is also noted for its LongJi tea and wine. Best time to visit : May to mid-October (ideally, June to September).

The LongJi 龙脊 (Dragon's BackBone) rice terraces

LongSheng, GuangXi province.

The YuanYang 元阳 rice terraces, YunNan province

This beautiful area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to the HaNi and Yi minorities. The ancient practice of terraced farming maintains irrigation and preserves the top soil from being washed down the hillsides.

The LongSheng 龙胜 rice terraces after a thunderstorm

Near GuiLin, GuangXi province.

The Ping'An 平安 rice terraces and GuiLin 桂林, GuangXi province

Including the Li River ...

The LongSheng 龙胜 rice terraces, GuangXi province

Beautiful landscapes ...

A trip to GuiLin 桂林 and YangShuo 阳朔, GuangXi province

A lovely film. Includes bamboo rafting on the Li River, hot-air ballooning, cycling through the countryside, hiking at the LongSheng rice terraces and the evening show Impressions of YangShuo, set on the water.

China trip slideshow (3) - video

Many great photos. Places include Hong Kong, GuangZhou, Guilin, the LongJi Rice Terraces, YangZhuo and Beijing.

Four days in YangShuo and GuiLin, GuangXi province - video

Riding mopeds, boating on the Li River, rice terraces and caves ...

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