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Beautiful YiChang 宜昌, HuBei province

Includes the Three Gorges Dam.

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Yichang New District master plan 宜昌

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YiChang 一场, HuBei province

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YiChang 宜昌, along the YangTze River

YiChang is situated at the eastern end of the gorges.

The beautiful CheXi Folk Customs Village is famous for both its natural beauty and the culture of the Tujia minority people. The village is situated in the south of YiChang, Hubei Province.

Mountains, waterfalls, caves, stone forests and pools form picturesque scenes in YiChang, which is an ancient city connecting China's east and west.

The Three Gorges Dam is close by and scenic spots include ChaiBuXi National Forest Park and HouHe Nature Reserve.

One can arrive here by train to YiChang or by flight to the nearby SanXia airport.

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