50 places to visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: 20 Kid-Friendly Places to Visit

  1. Ocean Park Hong Kong (海洋公園 Hǎiyáng Gōngyuán): Amusement park with marine life exhibits, animal shows, and rides.
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland (香港迪士尼乐园 Xiānggǎng Díshìní Lèyuán): Magical theme park with Disney characters, rides, and attractions.
  3. The Peak Tram (山顶缆车 Shāndǐng Lǎnchē): Ride the iconic tram to Victoria Peak for panoramic views of the city.
  4. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (香港动植物公园 Xiānggǎng Dòngzhíwù Gōngyuán): Explore diverse plant and animal species in these gardens.
  5. Nan Lian Garden (南莲园池 Nán Lián Yuánchí): Tranquil Chinese garden with scenic ponds, pavilions, and bonsai trees.
  6. Hong Kong Space Museum (香港太空馆 Xiānggǎng Tàikōng Guǎn): Discover space science and astronomy through interactive exhibits.
  7. Hong Kong Science Museum (香港科学馆 Xiānggǎng Kēxué Guǎn): Interactive science exhibits and an Omnimax theater.
  8. Hong Kong Museum of History (香港历史博物馆 Xiānggǎng Lìshǐ Bówùguǎn): Exhibits on Hong Kong's history, culture, and heritage.
  9. Noah's Ark Hong Kong (香港挪亚方舟公园 Xiānggǎng Nuóyà Fāngzhōu Gōngyuán): Themed attraction with a replica of Noah's Ark and educational exhibits.
  10. Lamma Island (南丫岛 Nányā Dǎo): Explore beaches, hiking trails, and seafood restaurants on this tranquil island.
  11. Wetland Park (香港湿地公园 Xiānggǎng Shīdì Gōngyuán): Nature reserve with boardwalks, birdwatching, and educational exhibits.
  12. Trick Eye Museum (幻境艺术馆 Huàn Jìng Yìshù Guǎn): Interactive art museum with optical illusions and 3D exhibits.
  13. Hong Kong Maritime Museum (香港海事博物馆 Xiānggǎng Hǎishì Bówùguǎn): Exhibits on Hong Kong's maritime heritage and seafaring history.
  14. Discovery Bay (愉景湾 Yújǐng Wān): Relaxing beach area with water sports, dining, and shopping.
  15. Butterfly Beach (蝴蝶湾 Húdié Wān): Picturesque beach with clear water and gentle waves.
  16. Hong Kong Toy Museum (香港玩具博物馆 Xiānggǎng Wánjù Bówùguǎn): Vintage and collectible toys from different eras.
  17. Lantau Island (大屿山 Dàyǔ Shān): Giant Buddha statue, Ngong Ping 360 cable car, and hiking trails.
  18. Kowloon Park (九龙公园 Jiǔlóng Gōngyuán): Green space with playgrounds, aviaries, and a swimming pool.
  19. Ma Wan Park (馬灣公園 Mǎwān Gōngyuán): Theme park with attractions like the Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach.
  20. Lion Rock Park (狮子山公园 Shīzǐ Shān Gōngyuán): Hiking trails with views of the city skyline and Lion Rock.

Hong Kong: 30 More Places to Visit

  1. Victoria Harbour (维多利亚港 Wéiduōlìyà Gǎng): Iconic harbor with stunning views, ferries, and the Symphony of Lights.
  2. Temple Street Night Market (庙街夜市 Miào Jiē Yèshì): Bustling market with street food, souvenirs, and fortune tellers.
  3. Stanley Market (赤柱市集 Chìzhù Shìjí): Waterfront market with clothing, accessories, and handicrafts.
  4. Peak Circle Walk (山顶环道 Shāndǐng Huán Dào): Scenic walking trail around Victoria Peak with panoramic views.
  5. Lamma Island Family Walk (南丫岛家庭步行径 Nányā Dǎo Jiātíng Bùxíng Jìng): Easy coastal walk with sea views and seafood restaurants.
  6. Nan Lian Garden (南莲园池 Nán Lián Yuánchí): Tranquil Chinese garden with scenic ponds, pavilions, and bonsai trees.
  7. Lantau Trail (大屿山径 Dàyǔ Shān Jìng): Hiking trail covering Lantau Island's scenic landscapes and beaches.
  8. Tai O Fishing Village (大澳渔村 Dà'ào Yúcūn): Traditional fishing village with stilt houses and seafood delicacies.
  9. Nan Lian Garden (南莲园池 Nán Lián Yuánchí): Tranquil Chinese garden with scenic ponds, pavilions, and bonsai trees.
  10. Chi Lin Nunnery (志蓮淨苑 Zhìlián Jìngyuàn): Buddhist monastery with elegant architecture and tranquil gardens.
  11. Man Mo Temple (文武廟 Mùi Móu): Historic temple dedicated to the gods of literature and martial arts.
  12. Ngong Ping Village (昂坪村 Ángpíng Cūn): Cultural village near the Tian Tan Buddha with shops and restaurants.
  13. Sai Kung Town (西贡镇 Xīgòng Zhèn): Fishing town with seafood restaurants, hiking trails, and beaches.
  14. Hong Kong Heritage Museum (香港文化博物馆 Xiānggǎng Wénhuà Bówùguǎn): Exhibits on Hong Kong's art, culture, and history.
  15. PMQ (元创方 Yuán Chuàng Fāng): Creative hub with shops, studios, and exhibitions in a historic building.
  16. Golden Bauhinia Square (金紫荆广场 Jīn Zǐjīng Guǎngchǎng): Landmark square with a giant bauhinia statue and harbor views.
  17. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade (尖沙咀海滨长廊 Jiānshāzuǐ Hǎibīn Chángláng): Waterfront promenade with views of Victoria Harbour and the skyline.
  18. Repulse Bay (浅水湾 Qiǎnshuǐ Wān): Scenic beach with golden sands, clear water, and beachside dining.
  19. Mai Po Nature Reserve (米埔自然保护区 Mǐbù Zìrán Bǎohùqū): Wetlands with birdwatching hides, mangroves, and wildlife.
  20. Hong Kong Museum of Art (香港艺术馆 Xiānggǎng Yìshù Guǎn): Exhibits on Chinese and international art in a modern building.
  21. Star Ferry (天星小轮 Tiānxīng Xiǎolún): Iconic ferry service between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.
  22. Lugard Road Lookout (盧吉道 Lu Jídào): Scenic trail with views of Victoria Harbour and the city skyline.
  23. Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (香港文物探知中心 Xiānggǎng Wénwù Tànzhī Zhōngxīn): Exhibits on Hong Kong's archaeology, heritage, and history.
  24. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum (孙中山纪念馆 Sūn Zhōngshān Jìniànguǎn): Museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
  25. Hong Kong Tramways (香港电车 Xiānggǎng Diànchē): Historic tram system running along Hong Kong Island's north coast.
  26. Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (香港文物探知中心 Xiānggǎng Wénwù Tànzhī Zhōngxīn): Exhibits on Hong Kong's archaeology, heritage, and history.
  27. Lung Fu Shan Country Park (龙虎山郊野公园 Lónghǔ Shān Jiāoyě Gōngyuán): Hiking trails and scenic views near Victoria Peak.
  28. Hong Kong Park (香港公园 Xiānggǎng Gōngyuán): Urban park with aviaries, a greenhouse, and tranquil gardens.
  29. Dragon's Back Trail (龙脊径 Lóngjǐ Jìng): Scenic hiking trail with panoramic views of the coastline and islands.

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