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Communicating in China

If you have not yet been to China, how to communicate might be a concern. This video is by a popular travel blogger discussing just this, after six months in China ...

[video v=amua9GfnpRM]

Beginners’ Chinese language

Fun teacher ...

[video v=gX3xCsoTbDs] [videogallery type=playlist id=PLneZiE_zP2-wKOn0bDZ1p5VEph5GvHbl7 c=3 num=50]

Beginner / post beginner general practice / vocabulary building

Fast paced and fun ...

[video v=fHMy0ogtnw8]

Learn to speak Chinese from zero

How to pronounce the four tones and speak PinYin correctly. With Qing Xia ...

[video v=2IeXsmXqjdc] [videogallery type=playlist id=PLn996NprGoEI-rbWdpRlX-yuZoQ5ERZl2 columns=2]

Learn Chinese – at a restaurant

How to order MaPo DoFu, GongBao JiDing ...

[video v=icsKTefYhvE] [video v=CX9rVXzAPHQ] [video v=CfPYW2WfBUw] [video v=stQSzpua8i8]

Chinese language : 'Thank you' and 'you're welcome'

Continuing our visitors' Chinese language guide ...

Chinese language characters

The low-down on the Chinese writing system. Great videos ... See - it's very easy really ;)

An introduction to the Chinese language for visitors

With HowToChinese and Fluenz ...

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