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Hong Kong

[video v=VIWLW9_Ne6M]

The Great Wall (JinShanLing / SiMaTai, close to Beijing)

[video v=aAqIGYb69O8]

QingHai province

[video v=1WVKIGHGzAo]

JiuZhaiGou and HuangLong, SiChuan province

[video v=XWEhByoQwhg]

Crescent Moon Spring / Lake, 6 km from DunHuang, GanSu province, north west China

[video v=6KuwnLAEvug start=1:14]

Guilin and YangShuo, GuangXi province

[video v=ryJrPfiDXIs]
[video v=f98pK3UrWPo]

The Tibetan Plateau, far south west China

[video v=VCe13XIdrvw start=16]

HuiZhou, GuangDong province, south east China

[video v=V3w-pM5zL7A]

TianShan Mountain area, XinJiang province, far west China

[video v=UCJ0fEkPF-c]

MoGao Grotto, YuMenGuan, YangGuan, JiaYuGuan, YaDan, DanXia; all in GanSu province

[video v=rUZ0F2aLoeU]

Tian Tan Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

[video v=oebopaol9zM start=50]

GuangZhou, provincial capital of GuangDong and close to Hong Kong

[video v=NVZy28nnFTA]

Various places in China

[video v=PA59qzG_ioE]


Hong Kong 香港 coastal hike – the other / wild side of HK …

[video v=FtAH_XjhLb0]

Bonus film - big city Hong Kong trip ...

[video v=pE98p8-70KY]

“Seen By My Eyes”, Hong Kong, China 《我所看見的美麗香港》

A beautiful, award-winning time-lapse video film by Francis So that focuses on the natural landscape (only 10% of Hong Kong is developed).

With the most exquisite music - Saturn, by Sleeping At Last; turn up your best sound system.

How beautiful, this world !

I would love to see it all,

Again ...

The second wonderful film is by Shanghainese film-maker Smaty Shi - "198 days in Hong Kong".

The second and third films include the city ...

[video v=2fOWr42UUMc] [video v=ZtuqrulAdgw] [video v=RXPCa00AAtw]

The Hong Kong flower show 香港花卉展 2018

With some nice Canto-pop. A film by Ben Cheung ...

[video v=wbCYCzMngiw]

A walk through Nan Lian Garden 南莲园 in Hong Kong

Nán Lián Yuán is a fine and beautiful example of Chinese garden arts ...

[video v=0wn12Box_Jo]

Surprise concerts in BeiJing 北京 and Hong Kong 香港 :) (:

Season's Greetings to all our visitors, from BeijingBuzzz, 2017 :) Love music? Don't miss this great film (turn up the volume; high quality audio) ... 一群喜好音樂的志願者在北京國貿的美食街快閃表演了美麗動人的歌曲,包括 "月亮代表我的心", "彎彎的月亮", "甜蜜蜜", "讓我們蕩起雙槳", "茉莉花", "站在高崗上" 以及 "高山青"。我們帶給了現場群眾意外的驚喜,也希望可以跟全世界的朋友分享這份喜悅。 A heart-warming surprise performance of popular traditional Chinese songs at the food court of the China World Trade Center, GuoMao, central-east Beijing. By the China World Trade Center Chorus, and many passers by. The 7 songs : "The Moon Represents My Heart" (Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin), "The Crescent Moon" (Wan Wan De Yue Liang), "Oh, How Sweet" (Tian Mi Mi), "Let's Row the Paddles" (Rang Wo Men Dang Qi Shuang Jiang), "Jasmine Flower" (Mo Li Hua), "Standing on the Hilltop" (Zhan Zai Gao Gang Shang), "The Mountain is Green" (Gao Shan Qing). This follows a similar event at Taipei 101 in Taiwan, back in the summer. Bravo to everyone involved ! "Strangers become friends" - we need more of this ... Plus, a surprise seasonal concert by Cathay Pacific ...

Dawn flight arrival in Kong Kong 香港 : lovely views - sky, islands, city ...

An awesome video; great scenes.

Things to do in Hong Kong 香港 ...

Ten ideas ... More ideas ...

A night walk around Central, Hong Kong 香港

Plus, Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor at night ...

Hong Kong 香港 drive ...

With a roof-top action camera ...

'Take me out tonight' (in Hong Kong 香港)

A beautiful and creative short film by Francis So ... Bonus film - 'Love you everyday', SuZhou 苏州 (JiangSu province); featuring the song 'Every moment of my life' by Sarah Connor ...

Time-lapse Hong Kong 香港, 2017

An amazing, beautiful film by Jeffrey Poon ...

Hong Kong Park 香港公園

Plus ShaTin Park 沙田公園 ...

Adventures in Hong Kong 香港

Hong Kong`s 香港 green islands - documentary

Insiders' Guides, 2016

With Insider TV. BeiJing ... ShangHai ... HangZhou ... GuangZhou ... ShenZhen ... Hong Kong ... Macau ...

Happy in Shanghai ... and Macau ... and Hong Kong ... and ShenZhen ... : )( :

With a great song by Pharrell Williams

The Hong Kong 香港 Arts Festival 2016

Each year the festival presents a five week-long cultural feast from February to March.

Tim and Glo in Hong Hong 香港

Including the Dragon's Backbone hike to Big Wave Bay. A lovely film ... A short bonus film - the view from Victoria Peak, by Francis So ...

Hong Kong 香港 through the seasons, in Ultra HD / 4K

A very beautiful timelapse film by Jeffrey Poon ...

Hong Kong 香港 night bus tour

Join us on an open top bus for a circular trip from Central to Kowloon and back ...

A wonderful family trip through China 中国

A must see, beautiful film if you're thinking of traveling to China - one of the very best films of its type : great adventures, lovely family. Places visited include BeiJing, Xi'An, ZhangJiaJie, GuiLin, Hong Kong, HuaShan, the LongJi rice terraces, and more ...

Chinese New Year fireworks, Hong Kong 香港, 2016

Hong Kong 香港 travel guide

Hong Kong 香港 in time-lapse (7)

The Hong Kong Flower Show 香港花卉展

Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. This film is from 2015 ...

The Dragon roller coaster, Ocean Park, Hong Kong 香港

Hong Kong White Rose exhibition space 香港白色玫瑰展示塲地

In February 2016, 25,000 white roses, actually LED lights, were installed in the Central Promenade and Tamar Park area of Hong Kong's business district, for both Valentine's day and the Lantern Festival, part of the Chinese New Year period. Beautiful ... Plus, views of Hong Kong's skyline ...

Colors of China 中国

Including the Union of China Timelapse 2015 film, plus timelapse films of ShangHai, HangZhou and Hong Kong. Beautiful ...

China cities guides, spring 2015

With Insider TV. Each film includes both the famous places and also interesting places that are less well known, including dining and nightlife.

Flying over China 中国 ...

A bird's eye view of HuangShan Mountain, the Great Wall of China, YangShuo, GuangXi province, and Hong Kong. Beautiful !

Wild Hong Kong 香港

Only about 10% of Hong Kong is developed land and there is lots of natural beauty to be explored, with many good hiking trails.

Ning in Hong Kong 香港

Dragon Rollercoaster, Ocean Park, Hong Kong 香港

New Year's Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Happy New Year ! The preview image of the 2nd video is blurred, but the video is sharp. Get a taste of being there in Victoria Harbor that night ...

Surprise concert at Hong Kong 香港 International Airport :)

A festive flash mob, December 2013. 300 flight attendants, airport staff and even pilots from airline Cathay Pacific stepped forward for this song and dance spectacular ... 國泰航空機場聖誕快閃表演@中國香港國際機場

China 中国 in timelapse - video

ShangHai, BeiJing and Hong Kong ...

2010 China 中国 trip - video

Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'An, Guilin, YangShuo, LongJi rice terraces, and Hong Kong

2012 China 中国 trip - video

Featuring Beijing, PingYao, Xi'An, YangShuo, Zhao Xing, Ping'An and Hong Kong ...

Hong Kong 香港 to ShenZhen 深圳 by rail

Filmed in spring 2012.

A day in Hong Kong 香港 - video

A great film by Sticker Travel ...

Hong Kong 香港 night scenes

A beautiful film ...

Hong Kong 香港 time-lapse scenes

Beautiful city-scapes ...

National day fireworks in Hong Kong 香港

October 1st 2011, Victoria Harbor.

National Day fireworks, Hong Kong 香港

Victoria Harbour, 1st October 2011.

Chinese New Year fireworks 2011, Hong Kong 香港

Wonderful ...

Paragliding in Hong Kong 香港

At LanTau Island ...

What's going on in Hong Hong ?

The bankrupt 'West' and its obsession with imperial conquest and world domination to enslave the people for the benefit of an elite, has long been trying to destabilise all countries not subservient to its US dollar based Ponzi scheme - notably Russia, China, Venezuala, Brazil and Iran. It is also a Mafia-like 'piece of the action' protection racket. It's not a new thing - consider the 1 million plus murdered in Iraq, the slaughter in Syria and Libya, and the ongoing destruction of Palestine. The million bombs dropped on Vietnam and Korea, burning and shredding ordinary people in their fields and villages; millions dead. Latin America - dictators and death squads; more millions dead. The overthrow of the people's choice, such as JFK (US) and Allende (Chile), and the installation and support of brutal despots such as Pinochet (Chile) and Suharto (Indonesia). It's a long, long list of utter shame, hot on the heels of the european colonisation of asia and africa, the genocide of the native people of north america and the slave trade. Nuclear bomb tests on civilian populations (Japan). Torture camps from where those still alive cannot be released as they are missing parts of their bodies. Where virtually everything in life is subject to some regulation or permit and tax. Where you get to choose, now and then, from two puppets dangling from the one puppet-master. The american people left to live in poverty while the MIC takes all the cash to run 700+ military bases all around the globe. So who is the umbrella that protects the organisers, and which they hide under ? Undercover, proxy (i.e. 'umbrella') destabilisation - a how-to guide Same tactic as 1989 in Beijing - hijack a small protest and control it to something big; catchy name, provocateurs, etc. The leaders all magically reappeared in the US. As if the statue of liberty wasn't a big enough clue ! It goes on all the time; look at Ukraine (Russia was caught napping). We suggest that you be wary of travel to and connection with Israel, the US, the UK, Canada, France and Australia. Or any other puppet regime country such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, the Philipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Places like Japan might feel special, but in reality are simply missile silos, ready to be expended. In particular, avoid study abroad in these countries. If you stay in China but study in a foreign university, beware of attempts to recruit you as a spy / trouble-maker - contact the government for advice if this happens. Remember - everything you see on the BBC, ITN, Channel 4 news, Fox, CNN, ABC, AFP, etc is there to sell you a lie. There's no difference between them all, just as with the political parties; it's all a scam, an illusion of 'freedom' to keep you as slaves to an elite. In the 'West', politicians don't work for the people but for vested interests / the elite, who want to subjugate all other peoples of the world the same way. The 'umbrella' controls the news / events. And it controls you by controlling what you know. The British didn't give a damn about 'democracy' while they were in charge. So what is it really all about ? Conquest and looting of course. Well-meaning perhaps, innocents (naive dupes / 'useful idiots') getting involved in this should realise one thing - they are being used, and it is absolutely not in their interests. Some excerpts from It is an article we do not fully agree with, but which does at least point out US control of the HK protests, particularly its leaders : US goals are very different than the people in Hong Kong. The US is in the process of encircling China militarily and economically. It sees China as a competitor, a nation that can undermine the US as the single world superpower. Conflict between Hong Kong and Beijing would serve US interests but undermine the Hong Kong economy which is tied to China. The protest movement has already begun to separate itself from people too close to the US. Hong Kong needs to go further and expel US influence, remembering the historic imperialism of the US in China and noting the current strategic goals of the United States. ... The US consistently uses legitimate concerns of people to build its Empire and challenge perceived enemies. China is at the top of the list for the US with the Asian Pivot of military forces to the region, building military relationships with Asian allies and negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership that excludes China – all isolating and threatening China with economic and military force. It is not surprising that the aspirations of the people of Hong Kong are being used by the US. ... if the revolt were to succeed, what kind of influence would the US have over the selection of the next leader? Would Hong Kong end up with a leader like Ukraine, where the US spent $5 billion to foment revolt and now has President Petro Poroshenko who, according to Wikileaks documents, has been known in the US government as “Our Ukraine Insider” for being an informant for the State Department since 2006 [and has looted Ukraine, passing its wealth to the EU who helped coordinate the overthrow of the legitimate government, that rightly determined that the EU deal was bad for the country]. Will the next government protect neoliberal capitalism that allows the US investor class entry into China through Hong Kong for their benefit and not the benefit of the people? Already there are signs that the Occupy Central leadership, which has US ties, is not trusted. ... On October 2nd, a Mint Press News article exposed US support for democracy movements in Hong Kong. The article described what it called “a deep and insidious network of foreign financial, political, and media support. Prominent among them is the US State Department and its National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as well as NED’s subsidiary, the National Democratic Institute (NDI).” The article describes work by the NDI in Hong Kong dating back to 1997, so it has been a long term strategy of the United States to foment a democracy movement in Hong Kong. “Democracy movement” means keeping Beijing from selecting who can run for office in Hong Kong and universal suffrage. NDI writes that it has been training young leaders in Hong Kong since 2005 on “political communication skills.” The US has been funding various civic organizations in Hong Kong to work on these issues including a think tank at the University of Hong Kong, the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, from which Occupy Central “self-proclaimed” leader Benny Tai served on the board and collaborates. Another notable Occupy Central activist, Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, works closely with Tai and speaks at numerous US funded forums. Other Hong Kong democracy movement figures in bed with NED include, according to Mint Press, Martin Lee (here’s his bio on NED website and the award the NED gave him), founding chairman of Hong Kong’s Democrat Party, who this year came to Washington, DC, met with Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Lee took part in an NED talk hosted specifically for him and his agenda of “democracy” in Hong Kong. Anson Chan, another prominent figure currently supporting the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong’s streets, was also in DC and met with Biden and Pelosi. Revolution News went further into US ties to the Occupy Central movement examining the budgets of US ‘democracy’ institutions. They report that one of Occupy Central’s key tactics this summer, a “referendum” on democracy signed by 780,000 Hong Kong residents, more than 1/5th of Hong Kong voters, was funded by the US State Department. (A similar tactic was used in the Egyptian protest against Morsi that led to the Sisi dictatorship.) ... The economic challenges in Hong Kong are, in part, related to its changing role in China. The [---] reports that when Deng Xiaoping announced economic reforms in 1978 Hong Kong was the entry point into China. This led to the ‘golden era’ of Hong Kong. It attracted major financial institutions and transnational companies that wanted to participate in Chinese economic growth. This made Hong Kong a wealthy city. But, China has grown and become more open so Hong Kong is no longer the entry point or financial center of China. The China Daily bluntly reports: Much has changed since 1997. Hong Kong has lost its role as the gateway to the mainland. Previously Hong Kong was China’s unrivalled financial centre, now it is increasingly dwarfed by Shanghai. Until recently, Hong Kong was by far China’s largest port: now it has been surpassed by Shanghai and Shenzhen, and Guangzhou will shortly overtake it. Martin Jacques of the [---] writes that while this has caused “a crisis of identity and a sense of displacement” the reality is Hong Kong’s “future is inextricably bound up with China.” When it comes to Hong Kong’s economic future, he concludes: “China is the future of Hong Kong.” And ... The Occupy Central Hong Kong protest movement is being nominally led by a 17-year-old student, Joshua Wong, who resembles a Hong Kong version of Harry Potter, a kid who was only just born the year Britain reluctantly ended its 99-year colonial occupation, ceding the city-state back to the Peoples’ Republic. Wong is accompanied in Occupy Central by a University of Minnesota-educated hedge fund money man for the protests, Edward Chin; by a Yale University-educated sociologist, Chan Kin-man; by a Baptist minister who is a veteran of the CIAs 1989 Tiananmen Square destabilization, Chu Yiu-ming; and by a Hong Kong University law professor, Benny Tai Yiu-ting, or Benny Tai. Behind these Hong Kong faces, the US State Department and its favorite NGO, the US Congress-financed National Endowment for Democracy (NED), via its daughter, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), is running the Occupy Central operation. Let’s look behind the nice façade of peaceful non-violent protest for democracy and we find a very undemocratic covert Washington agenda. Start with Chu Yiu-ming, the Baptist minister chosen to head Occupy Central. The most reverend Chu Yiu-ming is a founder and sits on the executive committee of a Hong Kong NGO– Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor (HKHRM). HKHRM as they openly admit on their website, is mainly financed by the US State Department via its neo-conservative Color Revolution NGO called National Endowment for Democracy (NED). ... Less visible in the mainstream media but identified as one of the key organizers of Occupy Central is Hong Kong’s Catholic Church Cardinal Bishop Emeritus, Joseph Zen. Cardinal Zen according to the Hong Kong Morning Post, is playing a key role in the US-financed protests against Beijing’s authority. What we see here is an attack on real freedom and self-determination; it is an attack on any and all countries that do not bow down to a globalist elite wishing to enslave the whole world under a banking system that sucks all wealth from the people to the elite. All we see in recent years pertains to that goal - knife attacks, downed airliners, flu pandemics, etc. - these are attacks on BRICS and the SCO - anything that dare to stand for independence and true freedom. It's all about the money ... I just can't wait to be king ... Yes, it's all about the money, and that means control. Look left, look right, look anywhere at all - just don't see what is glaringly obvious right in front of you ! This week also saw China become officially the world's largest economy - coincidence ? - I don't think so ! Want to know more ? Look up Bretton Woods and the gold standard, the petro-dollar and the rise of the BRICS. We are a travel site and don't 'do' politics / news and all that nonsense. But we thought we'd give a small hint in this case since it's been so hyped in the West. If we did do current affairs, look out for 'Global warming : why it is complete BS (nonsense)' and 'GMO : the most dangerous technology ever (designed to cull the population)'. Phase two will be the use of vioent provocation and false flag actions; and phase three the attempt to spread the umbrella attack across the border into the mainland. Don't fall for it !

A panda in Hong Kong 香港

At the Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong 香港

Ocean Park is situated in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong. It includes 11 rides, including two rollercoasters, and other amusements besides a giant aquarium, dolphin and sea lion shows, a spectacular cable car ride, and more ...

Hong Kong 香港 DisneyLand boat ride

Filmed in January 2011.

Hong Kong dream line - micro drama

A touching short story ...

Some interesting places in Hong Kong 香港

'City by City' visits Hong Kong ...

A trip to Hong Kong 香港 - video

Filmed in March 2011.

A trip to Hong Kong 香港 and ChengDu 成都 - video

Including the 10,000 Buddha monastery.

Hong Kong 香港 scenes (2)

A few scenes from Hong Kong. Including the junk boat ('junk' being a sound-alike word derived from Portugese via Malay). These wooden sail boats were developed during the Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) and became extensively used throughout east asia. They are particularly associated with Hong Kong where some can still be seen today.

Hong Kong 香港 : Symphony of Lights and sail away - video

Filmed in the spring of 2011.

Hong Kong hike: to Tai Long Wan 大浪灣

The hike to Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay). A beautiful place on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula; a large bay with white sand beaches and seas of tropical blue or turquoise, flanked by rugged headlands and backed by green fields beyond which rise some impressive hills. The main route follows a stretch of Maclehose Trail, up and over the ridge from Chek Keng - which you can walk to from a bus stop at Pak Tam Au. Scenes from the video : This area is within the New Territories (often abbreviated as N.T.), one of the three main regions of Hong Kong, alongside Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon peninsula; it comprises over 85% of Hong Kong's land area (nearly 1,000 square kilometers). Guided walks in Hong Kong : See also:

This is Hong Kong 香港

Surprisingly beautiful ...

A walk through Hong Kong 香港 - video

From Queen's Road in Central Hong Kong, just at the foot of the escalators, to the Mid-levels.

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