Videos about YuanYang, China

The exquisitely beautiful YuanYang rice terraces, YunNan province

[video v=1hmWkC5rPB4]

A beautiful waterfall in YunNan - LuoPing JiuLong ...

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YuanYang rice terraces, YunNan 雲南元陽梯田 (Scenic China Special, 2018 – 1)

[video v=qNkaI1m0zoo start=1:08]   Plus more videos ...



The beautiful YuanYang 元阳 rice terraces in YunNan province

[video v=8G9YVPvQR40]
Plus a little of the canola fields of the HongHe HaNi Autonomous Prefecture in southern YunNan ...


The beautiful YuanYang 元阳 rice terraces, south YunNan province

[video v=yB2QxTB0TEM]

The YuanYang rice terraces 哈尼奇迹 and DongChuan Grand Red Land 红土大观

A mix of beautiful video and incredible photographs, all in Ultra HD / 4K

Yunnan province

[video v=vQ8M_4it0Z4 start=15]   Plus more videos ...



Hiking adventures in China 中国

Places include HuaShan mountain, wild Great Wall, ZhangJiaJie (WuLingYuan National Forest Park) and the YuanYang rice terraces ...

[video v=ZDxjgXGwJoU]

The YuanYang 元阳 rice terraces, YunNan province

This beautiful area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is home to the HaNi and Yi minorities. The ancient practice of terraced farming maintains irrigation and preserves the top soil from being washed down the hillsides.

[video v=FVa29n7WW8g]   Plus more videos ...



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