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Going home …

A short story for the Chinese New Year.

The Spring Festival is about a new year, a new beginning. A time of renewal, and hope and a fresh start, a time of good-will.

For example, fireworks, apart from being a joy to all, are to scare away bad spirits. One can see this symbolize the breaking of old habits of thought - a spring clean of the mind.

A new year is a new chance for a better life - if you will take it. Keep your eyes open, heart abundant, and strive for a better world. Help others on their journey whenever you can and always share a smile. It may help another, but it will certainly be good for you.

Someday, even the mountains will be gone. But right now we are alive, and we can make a difference.

When faced with bad-will, take it on the chin and return only affection. It might leave a seed for the future; at least, it will not get you down.

As the film says, yes, it is love that brings us closer to happiness ...

Above all, the Spring Festival is a time for family. And ultimately, we are all sisters and brothers breathing the same air ...

[video v=XL0SevAGakM] [video v=DKUF2oxDMNk]

Panda eating lunch in ChengDu 成都

At the Panda Base research center ...

[video v=5_HMmI_mWVE start=2]

ChengDu Pandas 成都潘达

Panda Kindergarten - ChengDu Panda Base, SiChuan province

[video v=yrQXni43-sM][video v=pndVX8u9mtI][video v=BO0XfudIU3Y][video v=fx3RUDTbNxI][video v=KNLU412WHnw][video v=BLoK0fQT3xk]

More pandas !

ChengDu province.

[video v=jUz_Thmd78I] [video v=FEV5r4nX6Mw] [video v=E8-K-Teu-_Q]

Pandas at the Research / Visitor Center in ChengDu 成都

The 'PandaBase', SiChuan province.

[video v=xhxQLqRaMyk]

ChengDu 成都 Panda Base

Plus a glimpse of the LeShan Giant Buddha. SiChuan province.

A panda in Hong Kong 香港

At the Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

ChengDu Pandas !

SiChuan province. Filmed at the ChengDu Panda Base and the BiFengXia Panda Base.

Panda Ming Ming eating some tasty bamboo - video

Ming Ming lives in ChangLong Zoo in GuangZhou. Pandas only eat particular varieties of bamboo which need to be freshly harvested from certain mountainous terrains.

Tree-climbing Panda - video

At the Panda Base in ChengDu, SiChuan province

Pandas at the ChengDu Research Center, SiChuan province - video

ChengDu Panda Base, a non-profit research and breeding facility, was founded in 1987. The center's goal is to "be a world-class research facility, conservation education center, and international educational tourism destination." There have been over 100 panda births here since its opening.

Playful pandas at the Panda Research Center, ChengDu 成都

Filmed in summer 2009.

Giant pandas at the ChengDu 成都 Panda Research Center

SiChuan province.

Pandas !

HuangLong 黄龙 Nature Reserve, SiChuan province - video

Explore the beautiful JiuZhaiGou and WoLong Nature Reserve and Giant Panda Center plus Qiang minority culture with CCTV's Travelogue ...

Mei Lan : Panda lunch, panda snooze - video

Three year old Mei Lan at Atlanta Zoo a couple of months before she was moved to the ChengDu Panda Base in China.

Pandas at the ChengDu 成都 Panda Research Center

Pandas doing their favorite thing - eating bamboo :) Filmed at the Chengdu Panda Research Center, ChengDu, SiChuan province, in 2008. The smaller Red Panda :

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