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Evening walk in ZhuJiaJiao water town, near ShangHai

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The beautiful ZhuJiaJiao 朱家角 Water Town, ShangHai

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Beautiful ZhuJiaJiao 朱家角 water-town, ShangHai

An enchanting water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, ZhuJiaJiao retains it's ancient charm ...

The name literally translates as 'Zhu Family home/corner', reflecting its earliest origins. The town lies on the south side of the YangTse River and has many picturesque canals crossed by hundreds of original Ming and Qing dynasty bridges.

[video v=2Yemgzt8u6c]

A walk through ZhuJiaJiao 朱家角 water town

ZhūJiāJiǎo is an ancient water town now situated in the outskirt of ShangHai municipality.

The town has 36 beautiful bridges dating from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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Boat ride through ZhuJiaJiao 朱家角

ZhuJiaJiao is an ancient water town on the outskirts of ShangHai.

Ancient courtyard houses and the variety of bridges that cross the willow-lined canals make ZhuJiaJiao a tranquil and fascinating outing.

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