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XiaMen City Singers 醒耳人声乐团 – music

Mr. Q - pure perfection - don't miss it ! ...

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XiaMen 厦门 time-lapse and drone film

[video v=KiiJGdvaNy8 start=40]

Beautiful XiaMen 厦门 …

XiàMén is a coastal city in FuJian province, east / south east China.

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A trip to XiaMen 厦门

XiaMen is a beautiful coastal city in FuJian province, south east China ...

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XiaMen 厦门 FuJian province

[video v=I9ZsvhDDok4]

As a former treaty port, XiaMen has some colonial architecture.

As part of China's Opening Up Policy in the early 1980s under Deng XiaoPing, XiaMen became one of the four original special economic zones opened to foreign investment and trade.

XiaMen is well-regarded as a pleasant city.

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A glimpse of the China studies program at XiaMen 厦门 University

Beautiful city, lovely beach, great campus ...

[video v=bDo6ZipiKY4]

The coastal city of XiaMen 厦门 and the Hakka community round houses – FuJian province

South east China.

XiaMen was one of the first four 'special economic zones' when China began economic liberalization in the early 1980s (just 30 years ago).

The traditional round houses of the Hakka ethnic minority, called TuLou (土楼), provided a measure of security and were like a small village inside.

[video v=oaP48_IJnV4 start=54]

XiaMen, FuJian province, Urumqi, XinJiang province, and DunHuang, GanSu province

A few of the great China videos by Stick2r ...

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Wonderful XiaMen 厦门, FuJian province

Another great film by Sticker Travel ...

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Kite Surfing in XiaMen 厦门

XiaMen is a port city in FuJian province, east China.

It is widely regarded as a pleasant city, with fine beaches.

This film looks at the KiteBoard Tour of Asia in 2009; first stop in XiaMen.

[video v=mETKR-sroLU]

The 2010 World Choir Games, ShaoXing 绍兴

Video : China : The 2010 World Choir Games, ShaoXing 绍兴

July 15th to 26th in ShaoXing. More than 470 choirs from more than 80 nations took part in the event. The second film looks at the event held in XiaMen in 2006.

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