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Four great romantic short stories from SiChuan province in south west China ...

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‘A chance meeting in GuiLin 桂林’ – and more micro movies 微电影

Grab some popcorn and enjoy a night-in at the BeiJingBuzzz cinema.

New love, love perturbed, love re-found, love passed ...

'Fate ?'
《天目湖漫生活》 远离喧嚣 追寻宁静 世外桃园 浪漫生活 风景片

[video v=zO3ry7vsjz8] [video v=ueY4K96ZEl0]

'Love More'
Bii 畢書盡 《LOVEMORE CuBii 愛神降臨》 微電影全球首播

[video v=b1E70mAzNwY]

《连云港渔湾》微电影 山上的特别美丽魅力风景(爱情)

[video v=IblGMHLlX5Q]

'Let's Get Married' (2015)
Title song by Jane Zhang

張靚穎 《咱們結婚吧》 電影版主題曲《終於等到你》 (短版 MV)

[video v=wIPmFk2Psgk]

We cannot decide all that happens in life, but we can control how we react. Love is there, if we are ready and open the door.

Love is not hard to find (to be); but it is easy to lose.

In the end, what we get counts for nothing; it is what we give (leave behind) that matters - and every moment leaves a ripple in the ocean of life.

Sneakers are fine; but the bare-foot memories will be most chrished.

Love doesn't just flow to the naturally beautiful; it is those with love in their hearts who shine ; it is love that creates beauty.


XiaoCang 小仓 Village, FuJian – beautiful music video

[video v=nYGYsh1niPA]

Featuring the She 畲 people, one of the 56 ethnic groups in China and the largest minority in FuJian province.


Coming together – the Chinese New Year 中国新年 2017

Also known as the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year starts on Saturday 28th January this year and on the mainland lasts one week. This year, based on a lunar calendar, will be the Year of the Rooster.

Preparations will already be under way and include a spring clean and adding festive decorations. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are a time for family reunions, and for many this means travelling home from the city to the countryside.

Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries and China-towns around the World.

GōngXǐ FāCái 恭喜发财 !

The first film, 'Coming Together', is from Malaysia - enjoy ...

[video v=m0uq9dNGX_0]

The Spring Festival is about a new year, a new beginning. A time of renewal, and hope and a fresh start, a time of good-will.

For example, fireworks, apart from being a joy to all, are to scare away bad spirits. One can see this symbolize the breaking of old habits of thought – a spring clean of the mind.

A new year is a new chance for a better life – if you will take it. Keep your eyes open, heart abundant, and strive for a better world. Help others on their journey whenever you can and always share a smile. It may help another, but it will certainly be good for you.

As the second film says, it is love that brings us closer to happiness.

Above all, the Spring Festival is a time for family.

Next 4 films :

1: 'Going Home' ...

2: A touching song about life and friendship (forget the sub-titles, just watch the video). 'Beautiful Snow County is my Home' ...

3: 'Family Portrait' (from Malaysia) - a wry look at family life in the digital age ...

4: 'Don't be tied to the past, but don't tear it up' ...

[video v=XL0SevAGakM c=2][video v=7M-_mAwwmDY c=2][video v=LUNU39FL4XM c=2][video v=JR38ZTZorSA c=2]

Two 2017 CNY songs from the M Girls (Malaysia). They have released a CNY album every year since 2001 ...

[video v=u3ENpEmRCgQ c=2][video v=BOOOAnJzW9A c=2]

2011 flash-back - CNY fireworks in BeiJing ...

[video v=lqQFcfgWkh0 start=30]

Lion Dance in Malaysia (2017) ...

[video v=12a7ykvhsNM]

This is TaiYuan 太原 …

TàiYuán is the provincial capital of ShanXi.

[video v=34ofJE-G4oQ stop=4:18]

Plus - a charming micro movie ...

[video v=cO2yxnwNmTg]

SuZhou 苏州 - the city from above ...

JiangSu province. Bonus film - micro movie : Return to WuZhong, SuZhou...

Mount YanDang 雁蕩山, WenZhou, ZheJiang province

YanDangShan, in a micro movie. YanDang Mountain is known for its natural beauty, arising from its many vertical rock faces and pinnacles, lush forests and bamboo groves, streams with clear water, waterfalls and caves. The area also hosts numerous temples and shrines, many built inside caves. A good place for hiking. YanDangShan lis near the east coast of China. The rail station here lies between WenZhou and NingBo; the journey from ShangHai is about 4 hours. A very beautiful film ...

SiChuan 四川 province - "The power of Nature"

A charming micro movie that takes you to some of the many beautiful places in SiChuan province ...

A selection of enchanting micro movies

Each film contains two stories, of about 15 minutes each ...

Meet me in ShangHai 上海

A mini drama ...

'Feeling WuZhou' 梧州 - micro movie


Scenes from QuanZhou 泉州 city, FuJian province


Hong Kong dream line - micro drama

A touching short story ...

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