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24 hours in HangZhou 杭州 …

ZheJiang province.

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The sounds of HangZhou 杭州

Traditional Chinese culture in the New China.

With Wang LeeHom ...

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Exploring China 中国 – a solo backpacking adventure …

An (English-speaking) Italian explores the mountains and cities of China ...

Part 1 : GuangZhou (GuangDong) | ShangHai | HangZhou (ZheJiang)

Part 2 : HuangShan (AnHui) | JiuHuaShan (AnHui) | Xi'An (ShaanXi)

Part 3 : Xi'An (ShaanXi) | HuaShan (ShaanXi) | HohHot (Inner Mongolia)

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Bonus film ...

BeiJing, ShangHai, Xi'An, GuiLin ...

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Plus, even more bonus films, starting with - Diabolo around China ...

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Exploring HangZhou 杭州 …

Capital of ZheJiang province.

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The amazing lights of HangZhou 杭州

Capital city of ZheJiang province ...

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Insiders' Guides, 2016

With Insider TV. BeiJing ... ShangHai ... HangZhou ... GuangZhou ... ShenZhen ... Hong Kong ... Macau ...

HangZhou 杭州 through the lives of 18 expats from around the world

A CCTV Travelogue special ... ZheJiang province, east China.

Beautiful HangZhou 杭州 evening gala ...

A mix of classical and Chinese folk music staged on West Lake. Awesome ! Bonus films ... HangZhou : 'Heaven on Earth' - Marco Polo

The beauty of HangZhou 杭州 ...

Hángzhōu lies in ZheJiang province

Beautiful HangZhou 杭州 and West Lake 西湖

Capitol city of ZheJiang province, near ShangHai in east China. Plus a beautiful time-lapse film by MaoShan Tang 走進浙江秋季 ...

A weekend in HangZhou 杭州

Join Tim and Glo as they visit West Lake, the LongJing tea terraces, chill out with a hot-pot (that's chilli not tomato, btw) and more in HangZhou, ZheJiang province, east China, just 120 miles / 180 km from ShangHai ... What better way to end a misty, rainy day at the lake than a Hot Pot ... Bonus film - back in ShangHai, popping out for fried rice and chicken street food take away, passing the Bund and YuYuan Gardens by bicycle ...

West Lake 西湖 boat trip, HangZhou 杭州

ZheJiang province. Xī Hú is a fresh water lake with the city on side. There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, bridges and artificial islands within and around the lake. West Lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an outstanding example of Chinese garden arts and the guiding principle of harmony between human and nature.

Colors of China 中国

Including the Union of China Timelapse 2015 film, plus timelapse films of ShangHai, HangZhou and Hong Kong. Beautiful ...

Scenes from HangZhou 杭州 in ZheJiang province

West Lake, HangZhou

LingYin Temple, XiXi Wetland Park and FuDi village, HangZhou 杭州

Plus a charity run for deaf children ...

HangZhou 杭州 - 'Heaven on Earth'

Eight hundred years ago, Marco Polo described HangZhou as the most enchanting place on Earth. West Lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adjacent to the West Lake is a scenic area that includes historical pagodas and other cultural sites, blended with the natural beauty of the landscape, including Phoenix Mountain. The lake is crossed by two causeways. Check out this beautiful city, two hours from Shanghai, the famous West Lake and the wonderful show 'Impression West Lake' ...

West Lake 西海 scenes, HangZhou 杭州

West Lake 西湖 boat trip, HangZhou 杭州

Musical fountains, West Lake 西湖, HangZhou 杭州

8pm every day; free

A scene from 'Impression West Lake' 印象西湖, HangZhou

An outdoor show directed by Zhang YiMou ...

Beautiful scenes from `Impression West Lake` 印象西湖

HangZhou, in ZheJiang province, south from ShangHai ...

The West Lake 西湖, HangZhou 杭州

ZheJiang province. A beautiful place to relax ...

China 中国 trips 2013 (4)

The film covers BeiJing, Xi`An, SuZhou, HangZhou and ShangHai ...

Scenes from HangZhou 杭州 - video

HangZhou lies in ZheJiang province, 180km south west of Shanghai. Its most famous landmark is the beautiful West Lake. Filmed in December, 2012.

HangZhou 杭州 and ShangHai 上海, autumn 2012 - video

East China.

Beautiful scenes from the show 'Impression West Lake' 印象西湖

The beautiful outdoor show in HangZhou, ZheJiang province ...

Beautiful scenes from the Kingdom of Wu - video

XiTang, ShangHai, HangZhou, SuZhou, NanJing A short clip I made from my 11 day trip to China in Feb, 2012. Suzhou was the capital of the Wu kingdom from 12th to 4th centuries BCE. The area surrounding Suzhou has been nurtured by Wu culture, including Shanghai, Zhejiang province and Jiangsu province.Xitang is one of the most beautiful little towns I have ever had the privilege of visiting. When Marco Polo visited Hangzhou in the late 13th century, he wrote that it was "beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world."

Beautiful musical fountains at the West Lake, HangZhou 杭州

ZheJiang province.

Musical fountain in HangZhou 杭州

At the West Lake ...

HangZhou and SuZhou : economy and business

Films by the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK. A look at these two beautiful cities, both not far from Shanghai, with a focus on business but also a general look at city life and their tourist sites.

Scenes from HangZhou 杭州 and West Lake 西湖 - video

Filmed in September 2011.

A trip to ShangHai 上海, SuZhou 苏州 and HangZhou 杭州

A day at the West Lake 西湖 in HangZhou 杭州

A beautiful place for sightseeing, hiking, cycling, boating and relaxing ... HangZhou is the provincial capital of ZheJiang province in eastern China. It lies around 180 kilometres (110 miles) southwest of Shanghai. The beautiful West Lake is its best-known tourist attraction.

HangZhou 杭州 scenes

ZheJiang province.

A trip to West Lake 西湖, HangZhou

West Lake (Xi Hu) is a famous fresh water lake located in the center of HangZhou, provincial capital of ZheJiang in east China. The lake is divided by a number of causeways and there are numerous temples, pagodas and other scenic spots dotted around. West Lake has influenced poets and painters in China, Korea and Japan throughout centuries for its beauty, historical relics and garden/landscape design, with its harmony of human construction and nature. West Lake was desclared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

Welcome to HangZhou 杭州 ...

The beautiful capital of ZheJiang province. HangZhou was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty and remained so until the Mongol invasion of 1276 (the start of the Yuan dynasty). The West Lake is a famous fresh water lake located in the historic center of HangZhou. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

An excerpt from Impression West Lake 印象西湖, HangZhou 杭州

Public bicycle rental in HangZhou 杭州 - video

A large-scale bike-share system in HangZhou, provincial capital of ZheJiang. Similar schemes operate in many Chinese cities, including Beijing.

The HangZhou International Leisure Expo 2011 - video

An introduction ...

ShangHai 上海, HangZhou 杭州 and SuZhou 苏州 - video

A trip to these three nearby cities on China's east coast.

The 'AliFest 2010' in HangZhou - video

A conference organised by Alibaba. This interesting film is about a group of student entrepreneurs from the Kairos Society who are attending the this global summit to connect with small business operators from around the world, and to learn from leaders in international trade.

Beautiful HangZhou 杭州

HangZhou lies 180 kilometers south west of ShangHai in the YangTse River Delta and is the capital of ZheJiang province. With abundant natural scenery, including the famous West Lake, HangZhou has been a popular city for over 2,000 years when it was founded during the Qin dynasty. It is listed as one of the seven great ancient capitals of China. The West Lake covers 6 square km and is surrounded by historical sites and scenic areas. HangZhou lies at the southern end of the Grand Canal of China, with a length of nearly 1,800 km; at the northern end lies BeiJing. It was completed around 600 AD during the Sui dynasty. The longest man-made canal in the world, by far, it is a fine example of China's achievements, which include invention of the canal lock (Song dynasty; 10th century). HangZhou is also noted for tea, silk, umbrellas and fans.

HangZhou 杭州 drums

Seniors performing their drum routines ...

Morning TaiChi in HangZhou 杭州

Seniors practice Tai Chi in a HangZhou park ...

Fountains at the West Lake, HangZhou 杭州

ZheJiang province.

China trip slideshow (2) - video

Nice pictures. Places include: Guillin, Xi'An, HangZhou and SuZhou.

Happy HangZhou 杭州

HángZhōu has been voted China's happiest city. There is an old saying : In the sky there is heaven, and on Earth there is HangZhou. The last two films detail innovative projects in HangZhou - to locate a low carbon community above the train depot and an eco-friendly redevelopment of the XiXi Park area.

China trip slideshow - video

Places include BeiJing, ShangHai and HangZhou. May 2010. (Video halts a little early at around 6:50).

Highlights of a year in China - video

Includes Hainan, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiahe, Songpan, Langmusi, Juizhaigo, Nature Reserve, Kunming, Hong Kong, Jin Xi, Zhou Zhuang, Chengdu ...

Glimpses of the West Lake at HangZhou 杭州, ZheJiang province

Filmed at the end of November 2009.

Images of JiangNan 江南 (south part of YangTse river delta) - slideshow

The most important cities in the area are Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Shaoxing. Beautiful pictures ...

A guide to HangZhou 杭州, ZheJiang province (2) - video

Explore HangZhou with CCTV's Travelogue. Includes discussion of the ancient Grand Canal that linked China's south to BeiJing ...

The West Lake 西海 at HangZhou 杭州 - video

The West Lake was a major inspiration for the lake at the Summer Palace in BeiJing.

Lovely slideshow of many places in China 中国

Very nice slideshow of some places in China, including Hong Kong, ShangHai, SuZhou, HangZhou, TaiShan, QingDao and BeiJing.

Impression West Lake, HangZhou - video

This is the promotional film for the outdoor theater show directed by Zhang Yimou, that makes full use of the natural scenery. The 'Impression' series is a growing set of folk musicals. These performances include: "Impression, Liu Sanjie" - began August 2003 on the Li River, Guangxi province; "Impression Lijiang" - began June 2006 at the bottom of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan province; "Impression West Lake" - began late 2007 on the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province; "Impression Hainan" - began late 2009 set in Hainan province; "Impression Dahongpao" set on Mount Wuyi, Fujian province. All five performances are co-directed by Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue.

A visual guide to HangZhou 杭州

HangZhou lies in ZheJiang province. It is most famous for its West Lake that was an inspiration for the Summer Palace in Beijing. It is also at the southern end of the Grand Canal that runs to Beijing.

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