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ZhouZhuang 周庄 scenes

ZhouZhuang water town lies near to both SuZhou and ShangHai, in JiangSu province ...

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ZhouZhuang water town 周庄

Beautiful ZhouZhuang lies in JiangSu province, about 30 km southeast of Suzhou.

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Scenic China 中国 …

The first film features KunMing and ShiLin (YunNan province), GuiLin and YangShuo (GuangXi province); the second LiJiang, Shangri-la and DaLi (YunNan province); and the third ZhouZhuang and SuZhou (JiangSu province) ...

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ZhouZhuang 周庄 water town

JiangSu province.

Near SuZhou; not far from Shanghai. Along the HangZhou to Beijing ancient Grand Canal (still the world's longest, by far).

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Scenes from ZhouZhuang 周庄 (2)

ZheJiang province

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Scenes from ZhouZhuang 周庄

ZhouZhuang lies around 30 kilometers south-east from SuZhou in JiangSu province.

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Wonderful ZhouZhuang 周庄, JiangSu province

ZhouZhuang, part of the area that Marco Polo described as the 'Venice of the East', lies just 37 miles west of Shanghai (about an hour's drive) ...

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ZhouZhuang 周庄, JiangSu province

Possibly the oldest canal-based 'water town' in China.

A popular tourist destination, so it is best to visit on a weekday. It is 60 kilometers from ShangHai.

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