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ZhengZhou night walk

China's ancient capital - a 3,600 year-old yet modern city in HeNan province.

With Walk East ...

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ZhengZhou 郑州 night walk

Capital of HeNan province.

With Walk East ...

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This is ZhengZhou 郑州, provincial capital of HeNan

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ZhengZhou 郑州 and around, HeNan province

Explore the local sights and dishes with four lively Chinese girls from Singapore ...

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ZhengZhou 郑州, HeNan province

One of the 'Eight Great Ancient Capitals' of China.

Great music in this beautiful film ...

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Beautiful scenes from the ‘Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony’ 少林寺

Shaolin Temple is located near the base of SongShan Mountain near DengFeng in Henan province and is the cradle of ShaoLin Kung Fu Buddhist culture.

The live show is located in DaiXian Valley, 7 kilometers from the ShaoLin Temple and ten kilometers south of DengFeng in ZhengZhou city. Performances: 20:00 - 21:15 between mid-March and mid-November.

Awesome ...

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ZhengZhou 郑州 workout

Provincial capital of HeNan province.

Fit for life ...

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Street food in ZhengZhou 郑州, HeNan province

Filmed in 2006.

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