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BeiJing 北京, the blue sky city – 1080p version, 2017

[video v=SuNenmITCN4]

Rough-cut version - a polished version will appear here some day ...

Bonus films - 'One day in BeiJing', 'a 17 hours cycle ride around DongCheng, central BeiJing' and BeiJing's unicycle acrobatic stars on French TV; wow - awesome ...

[video v=nu_dCjXTEX8][video v=-EAoMoas9nY][video v=jR2BFE2ndYY][video v=ZeYElDkpDSQ]

Love - is the only way ...


The ShangHai 上海 Acrobatics Troupe

A selection of scenes ...

[video v=Ry3XkqTyQX4 start=20] [video v=iacEp_51UTw start=810]

China National Acrobatic School

Sticker Travel drops in ...

[video v=y51nXzMZtdA start=125]

Acrobatics show in BeiJing 北京

Some scenes from the performance ...

[video v=w7zBIfMyZvc]

Selena in BeiJing 北京

Selena is from the Philipines.

The first film features LongQing Gorge, an acrobatics show and BaDaLing Great Wall.

The second, Beijing Zoo, the Olympic Park and ChaoYang Park ...

[video v=Yl21a7UPfyI] [video v=m8wSY5vYhjc]

Incredible acrobatics - video

From the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, 2010.

Chinese acrobatics sample - video

Strength, coordination and agility ...

TianQiao acrobatics performance, BeiJing 北京

At the TianQiao Acrobatic Theater in BeiJing. This performer shows incredible strength and balance.

Lion dance acrobatics, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in spring 2010.

Chinese acrobatics - video

This show is in ShangHai. Highlights here include bicycle riding, juggling, tumbling, diabolo ...

How to take good care of a priceless Ming Vase (acrobatics)

A performance at a Roast Duck restaurant in BeiJing. Amazing skill ! Not impressed? Then how about this ;)

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