Two months in China’s south west 中国

Highlights of an eight week trip though Tibet, YunNan, SiChuan, GanSu and QingHai provinces (2007).

GanSu map
QingHai map
SiChuan map
Tibet map
YunNan map

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A quick introduction to China
With All By Ana Paula ...
Spring in BeiJing : Purple bamboo park to the Summer Palace
The Purple Bamboo Park (ZiZhuYuan), a national AAAA-level scenic spot, was founded in 1953 and is open to the public free of charge. The park has natural landscaping and lush bamboos, making it perfect for exercise and and relaxation. The Summer Palace (YiHeYuan), a royal garden during the Qing Dynasty, is located in the western suburbs of Beijing. The Summer Palace is a large-scale landscape garden built around KunMing Lake and WanShou Mountain and based on the design techniques of the south of the YangTze River style gardens. It is also the most complete royal palace garden in China and is known as the "Royal Garden Museum" and is a National AAAAA level scenic spot. The boat ride along the canal between the two parks (ChangHe River) takes about 25 minutes. With Seiu Travel ...
China’s amazing economic rise
With Cyrus Janssen ...
The magnificently beautiful Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing 北京
South of the Forbidden City and Tian'AnMen Square in central BeiJing, the blue sky city, lies this amazing Taoist temple, set in an abundant area (now park) of trees and a great place to visit. The wonderful architecture is brimming with symbolism and the park as a whole is a favorite for locals to hang out and practice Tai Chi or play JianZi (hacky sack), etc ...
Boating at YinCui Gorge 荫翠峡, JiuXiang, YunNan province
There are also caverns to explore.
DaLi ancient town walkabout, YunNan province
With Andy see the World ...
LeShan Giant Buddha 乐山大佛 scenic area, SiChuan province
The Giant Buddha, which is around 70 meters in height, was carved out from the hill during the Tang dynasty (618–907). It took 90 years to complete. The LeShan Giant Buddha is part of the Mount Emei Scenic Area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area has exceptionally diverse vegetation, ranging from subtropical to sub-alpine pine forests. Over time, additional temples established nearby making this an important place in Buddhism. There is a lot to see and explore. Slideshow (with some great photos) :
The YuanYang rice terraces 哈尼奇迹 and DongChuan Grand Red Land 红土大观
A mix of beautiful video and incredible photographs, all in Ultra HD / 4K Yunnan province
The BeiJing Winter Olympics 2022 closing ceremony
In full ... Bonus film - the closing ceremony, 2008 ...

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