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Shangri-La, DaoCheng and YaDing, YunNan 香格里拉, 稻城, 亞丁 (Scenic China Special, 2018 – 4)

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A trip to Shangri-la 香格里拉 in YunNan province

Shangri-la (XiāngGéLǐLā) was a semi-fictional paradise depicted in the book 'Lost Horizon' by James Hilton. This town in YunNan province, with a great likeness to the fictional paradise that Hilton depicted, was renamed from ZhongDian to Shangri-la in 2001.

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Wonderful YunNan 云南

Featuring KunMing, the provincial capital, LiJiang, the outdoor show 'Impression LiJiang', BaiSha village, ShiLin Stone Forest, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri-La ...

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Beautiful Shangri-La 香格里拉

XiāngGéLǐLā, YunNan province.

Wonderful films; awesome videography ...

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Shangri-La 最後的香格里拉

Yunnan province.

In this hurried world,
Where is the dreamland?
Life is like a journey -
Where the heart is always on the way.
Every short stay marks
The beginning of the next journey ...

In the end, though, while travel is as sunshine and rain for the soul, paradise is not a far away place, but the journey itself; a change of heart, and lies within us all the time ...

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Around ShangRi-La 香格里拉市

Video : China : Around ShangRi-La 香格里拉市

A beautiful region of wonderful landscapes and with a part Tibetan population in north west YunNan province ...

Beautiful Shangri-La 香格里拉 - road trip

Video : China : Beautiful Shangri-La 香格里拉 - road trip

XiāngGéLǐLā, north west YunNan province, near the Tibetan Plateau. Film crew from TaiWan. With wonderful ethereal / spiritual music. Don't miss it ...

'My Shangri-la' 香格里拉

Video : China : 'My Shangri-la' 香格里拉

An 11 day trip through YunNan province in the snow ... Plus, 'Never regret a trip to LiJiang' ... Includes the nearby Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Scenic China 中国 ...

Video : China : Scenic China 中国 ...

The first film features KunMing and ShiLin (YunNan province), GuiLin and YangShuo (GuangXi province); the second LiJiang, Shangri-la and DaLi (YunNan province); and the third ZhouZhuang and SuZhou (JiangSu province) ...

The Shangri-la - LiJiang 'Ultra Marathon' - video

Video : China : The Shangri-la - LiJiang 'Ultra Marathon' - video

2012 (first) and 2011 ...

Scenes from the show 'Dynamic YunNan' - video

Video : China : Scenes from the show 'Dynamic YunNan' - video

Also known as 'The Legend of Shangri-la'. A variety of traditional folk dances and tales from the province's ethnic groups ... More info :

A trip through YunNan 云南 province

Video : China : A trip through YunNan 云南 province

Including LiJiang, ShanGri-La, the ShiLin Stone Forest and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain ...

Discovering Shangri-la 香格里拉 ...

Video : China : Discovering Shangri-la 香格里拉 ...

Join CCTV's Travelogue as they travel 3,000 kilometers from ChengDu in SiChuan province to Shangri-la in YunNan province ...

Shangri-la 香格里拉, YunNan province

Video : China : Shangri-la 香格里拉, YunNan province

Shangri-la County, north west Yunnan province. The hotel featured is the BanYan Tree. A beautiful place ...

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