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Beautiful GuiZhou 贵州 province …

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Boat ride through karst cave – Dragon Palace, GuiZhou 貴州安順 龍宮 溶

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Aerial views of LuoPing 罗平, YunNan and XingYi 兴义, GuiZhou

Best month to see the yellow canola fields is March.

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XianYuFeng 仙宇峰 ‘Sky’ Temple, GuiZhou

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A guide to beautiful GuiZhou 贵州 province

GuiZhou is a mountainous province in south China, known for its awesome scenery, ancient rural villages and diverse ethnic cultures.

GuiZhou borders SiChuan and ChongQing to the north, YunNan to the west, GuangXi to the south and HuNan to the east. The provincial capital is GuiYang.

Many Chinese ethnic minorities have been living in this region for many centuries; these include the Miao, Yao, Yi, Qiang, Dong, Zhuang, BouYei, Bai, TuJia, GeLao and Sui.

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Beautiful aerial tour of GuiZhou 大美贵州 ...

A Miao herbal medicine man in GuiZhou 贵州 - documentary

This is GuiZhou 贵州 province

GuìZhōu is a mountainous province in south China known for its ancient rural villages and diverse ethnic minority groups, including the Miao, Bai and Dong. ZhaoXing village and YinTan village * JiangBang rice terraces * GaoHua village * XiaoWeng village * BiaSha village * ZhanLi village * LangDe village * JiDao Miao village * ShiQiao village * PaiMuo village *

GeTu River Valley 搞定了, from the air, GuiZhou province

Known mostly only by rock climbers, this beautiful area in south China will become a new national park.

An introduction to GuiZhou 贵州 province

The provincial capital is GuiYang.

A pictorial guide to GuiZhou 贵州 province - video

GuiZhou lies in south China, just north of GuangXi province.

The 9th National Traditional Games for Ethnic Groups

Opening ceremony highlights. This event showcases the traditional sports and cultures of China's 55 minority groups. It was held in September at GuiYang in GuiZhou province.

White-water rafting - video

Three examples. The first film shows the Red River National Park in GuiZhou province; the second, the Wu River (918 rapids) in GuangDong; a gentle stretch ideal for beginners. The third is a purpose-built course near CongHua, GuangDong.

The beautiful HuangGuoShu Waterfall 黄果树瀑布 scenic area - video

In GuiZhou province.

XiaoQiKong 小七孔 Scenic Area, GuiZhou province

"Seven small arches" ...

The HuangGuoShu 黄果树 Waterfalls

GuiZhou province.

GuiZhou 贵州 province - Travelogue

Explore GuiZhou; in particular, the villages and culture of the Miao ethnic people. With CCTV's Travelogue ...

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