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Beautiful KunMing 昆明

KūnMíng is the provincial capital city of YunNan.

[video v=aAXQQ2iZHfY]

KunMing 昆明, provincial capital of YunNan

Starting with a beautiful timelapse ...

Followed by a look around the city, including Green Lake.

[video v=Xfj0v7lN1dc]
[video v=GwQBrZlR7JA]

YunNan 云南 travels …

Places include: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, LiJiang old town, ShiLin Stone Forest and KunMing city, the provincial capital.

[video v=Pr_gUwqDAms]

Scenic China 中国 …

The first film features KunMing and ShiLin (YunNan province), GuiLin and YangShuo (GuangXi province); the second LiJiang, Shangri-la and DaLi (YunNan province); and the third ZhouZhuang and SuZhou (JiangSu province) ...

[video v=jYkKhg5ij_Q] [video v=4knHY3fJU98] [video v=hLTSllZMPPg]

The Luna Fun Park in KunMing 昆明

KunMing is capital of Yunnan province, south-west China.

Nice shots with a wide-angle / fish-eye type lens ...

[video v=J-XbgbFCtlI]

A trip to YunNan 云南 province

In October 2008. Places visited include Green Lake Park in KunMing, the Stone Forest at ShiLin, and DaLi old town.

Dance: Meet in YunNan, KunMing, YunNan province - video

Kunming International Cultural Festival 2005. Dancer: Xi Wang.

Highlights of a year in China - video

Includes Hainan, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiahe, Songpan, Langmusi, Juizhaigo, Nature Reserve, Kunming, Hong Kong, Jin Xi, Zhou Zhuang, Chengdu ...

The Stone Forest at ShiLin 石林, YunNan province

Overview : Walk-through : Music and dance : Fly-over and night-time : The Stone Forest is not far from the city of Kunming.

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