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FuZhou 福州, provincial capital of FuJian

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Bonus film - SongKou Town of FuZhou ...

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Refreshing FuJian province …

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A visual guide to QuanZhou 泉州, FuJian province

QuanZhou was once one of China's major ports for foreign traders. It was visited by Marco Polo who praised it as one of the most prosperous and glorious cities in the world. As its harbor is not suitable for larger ships, its significance as a port has reduced but retains abundant cultural heritage.

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Beautiful FuZhou 福州

Provincial capital of FuJian ...

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Bonus film - fast forward FuJian province ...

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XiaoCang 小仓 Village, FuJian – beautiful music video

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Featuring the She 畲 people, one of the 56 ethnic groups in China and the largest minority in FuJian province.


SanMing 三明, FuJian province

Rural China 中国 from above

Beautiful aerial shots of the rice terraces and karst peaks of GuangXi province, plus the communal Tulou residences in FuJian province ...

Beautiful XiaMen 厦门 ...

XiàMén is a coastal city in FuJian province, east / south east China.

Musical fun in FuJian 福建 province ...

Discover the natural beauty and tea culture of FuJian 福建 province ...

FúJiàn province, east China

The beautiful WuYi Mountains 武夷山

WuYiShan lies in FuJian province and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover FuJian 福建 province ...

On the south east coast of China, with ZheJiang to the north and GuangDong to the south. In part, FuJian is famous for its tea and lychee fruit. The largest cities include FuZhou (the capital) and XiaMen. Hakka, a Han Chinese people but with their own distinct identity, live in the southern parts of the province. The Hakka are most associated with their unique TuLou - large, round, communal dwellings.

A beautiful guide to the best places in FuJian 福建 province

A coastal province in south east China 美丽中国·清新福建 官方旅游宣传短片

A trip to XiaMen 厦门

XiaMen is a beautiful coastal city in FuJian province, south east China ...

XiaMen 厦门 FuJian province

As a former treaty port, XiaMen has some colonial architecture. As part of China's Opening Up Policy in the early 1980s under Deng XiaoPing, XiaMen became one of the four original special economic zones opened to foreign investment and trade. XiaMen is well-regarded as a pleasant city. A film about a return to one's family's roots ...

FuZhou 福州 in timelapse

Provincial capital of FuJian, east China.

The coastal city of XiaMen 厦门 and the Hakka community round houses - FuJian province

South east China. XiaMen was one of the first four 'special economic zones' when China began economic liberalization in the early 1980s (just 30 years ago). The traditional round houses of the Hakka ethnic minority, called TuLou (土楼), provided a measure of security and were like a small village inside.

Summer in the city, ShangHai 上海 - flash mob

Into the way-back machine - two great videos from 2010 - 2012 (not HD, but feel the vibe) ... ShangHai and FuZhou (capital of FuJian province) ... Bad Romance, Jai Ho, Rolling on the River, and more ...

XiaMen, FuJian province, Urumqi, XinJiang province, and DunHuang, GanSu province

A few of the great China videos by Stick2r ...

Wonderful XiaMen 厦门, FuJian province

Another great film by Sticker Travel ...

Scenes from QuanZhou 泉州 city, FuJian province


WuYi Shan 武夷山 in FuJian province - video

A film by CCTV ...

Kite Surfing in XiaMen 厦门 - video

XiaMen is a port city in FuJian province, east China. It is widely regarded as a pleasant city, with fine beaches. This film looks at the KiteBoard Tour of Asia in 2009; first stop in XiaMen.

An introduction to FuJian province - video

Tourism promotion film. FuJian (福建) is a province on the southeast coast of China. The province includes many places of interest, including Mount WuYi, a World Heritage site.

WuYi Shan, LiJiang and ZhangJiaJie - video

WuYi Shan in Fujian, LiJiang in Yunnan and ZhangJiaJie in Hunan provinces.

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