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WuHan 武汉 travelogue, provincial capital of HuBei

With CCTV's Travelogue ...

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WuDang Mountain 武当山, HuBei province, home of Taoism and WuShu

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This is WuHan 武汉 !

Provincial capital of HuBei province, central China ...

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Beautiful YiChang 宜昌, HuBei province

Includes the Three Gorges Dam.

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Amazing, beautiful China 中国

Places include : BeiJing 北京 | Tibet 西藏 | The Three Gorges, YangTse River 长江三峡 | HongHu Lake, HuBei 洪湖(湖北) | ZiWei Flower Park, ShaoYang, HuNan 紫微花公园,邵阳 (湖南) | ZhangJiaJie 张家界(湖南).

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Yichang New District master plan 宜昌

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YiChang 一场, HuBei province

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A visit to the beautiful EnShi Grand Canyon 恩施大峡谷景区

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The beautiful MuFu Grand Canyon, near EnShi in the west of HuBei province has some spectacular scenery that can be observed from high level cliff side paths.

The area is home to the TuJia and Miao minorities.


A beautiful guide to WuHan 武汉

WuHan is the provincial capital of HuBei province in central-east China.

Welcome to WuHan ...

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YiChang 宜昌, along the YangTze River

YiChang is situated at the eastern end of the gorges.

The beautiful CheXi Folk Customs Village is famous for both its natural beauty and the culture of the Tujia minority people. The village is situated in the south of YiChang, Hubei Province.

Mountains, waterfalls, caves, stone forests and pools form picturesque scenes in YiChang, which is an ancient city connecting China's east and west.

The Three Gorges Dam is close by and scenic spots include ChaiBuXi National Forest Park and HouHe Nature Reserve.

One can arrive here by train to YiChang or by flight to the nearby SanXia airport.

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The ShenNong Stream 神农溪

Video : China : The ShenNong Stream 神农溪

A tributary of the YangTze River in HuBei province. Although the water level has risen an amazing 170 meters since construction of the Three Gorges Dam at the point where it enters the YangTze, the river retains an awesome beauty.

The world's highest bridge - video

Video : China : The world's highest bridge - video

SiDuHe suspension bridge is the highest bridge in the world (drop). The first film shows SiDuHe bridge. While the Royal Gorge Bridge in America is a mighty 291 m (955 feet) high, the distance from the bridge to the bottom of the steep gorge at SiDeHu is a whopping 472 m (1,549 ft)! It is 1.2 km long (the central span is 900m) and opened at the end of 2009. It lies on the route from Shanghai to ChengDu in HuBei province. The next two films show the LongTanHe Viaduct (also in HuBei province). This only just makes the top 40 highest bridges but as you will see from the videos, its almost 200m height is still most impressive; and another engineering marvel.

The beautiful WuDang Mountains 武当山, home of Taoism

Video : China : The beautiful WuDang Mountains 武当山, home of Taoism

A fascinating documentary by CCTV English ...

A trip to WuDang Mountain 武当山

Video : China : A trip to WuDang Mountain 武当山

These mountains lie just south of ShiYan in HuBei province. Famous for its stunning scenery and Taoist monastries.

Beautiful scenes from HuBei 湖北 province

Video : China : Beautiful scenes from HuBei 湖北 province

"Hubei province in subtropical central China is the Land of Legends, dating back to the 7th Century BC, when it was home to the powerful state of Chu. Beautiful and majestic Hubei has been the production location for numerous world-wide blockbusters such as "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon," Jackie Chan's "Karate Kid," "Red Cliff" and more. The epic history of Hubei also includes the heartbreaking tale of Mulan, the young courageous woman immortalized in the Disney hit movie. Today, Hubei is home to the Three Gorges Dam the largest Hydro Electric Plant in the world. This marvel of innovative engineering controls the raging torrents of the mighty Yangtze River, the bloodline of 5000 years of Chinese culture. Hubei is a Hi-Tech center, but its rich history is always present. Time honored traditions prevail in sacred Buddhist monasteries and on the Holy Mountain of Taoism, which inspires the faithful with this eternal mantra of Lao Tzu: 'Nature has its way and everything has a place where it belongs. Those who tamper with nature will harm it and lose it!'" --

A sanpan ride along the ShenNong Stream 神农流 - a YangTse River tributary

Video : China : A sanpan ride along the ShenNong Stream 神农流 - a YangTse River tributary

HuBei province.

ShenNongJia Nature Reserve 湖北神农架风光, HuBei province

Video : China : ShenNongJia Nature Reserve 湖北神农架风光, HuBei province

Beautiful scenery; beautiful music ...

The Taoist temples at WuDang Mountain 武当山

Video : China : The Taoist temples at WuDang Mountain 武当山

Near ShiYan city in north-west HuBei province, central China. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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