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SanYa 三亚 holiday, HaiNan

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Surfing, HaiNan 海南 island, south China

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Beautiful moments in SanYa 三亚

HaiNan Island, south China

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Bonus film - 'DIY Wedding Photos', in LiJiang 丽江, a micro movie 浪漫的旅拍婚紗影像 ...

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Such a lovely couple; best wishes on your life together - it sure will be a lot of fun ...

The song is from the 2007 film 'Music and Lyrics', sung by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett.

如此有趣和美丽 !


Beautiful HaiKou 海口, HaiNan Island

HǎiKǒu, known as the 'Coconut City', is the capital of semi-tropical HaiNan province in south China; a port city on the island's north coast, facing the mainland.

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NanShan Temple (NanShanSi) 南山寺, SanYa, HaiNan Island

This temple in south China is actually new; it was opened in 1988 to commemorate two thousand years of Buddhism in China.

NanShan Temple has a total area of 40,000 square meters and contains several Tang dynasty replicas. It is located 40 kilometers west of SanYa city.

Nearby lies the GuanYin of the South Sea of SanYa 南山海上观音圣像, a 108-meter (354 foot) statue of GuanYin. The statue has three aspects; one side faces inland while the other two face the South China Sea, to represent blessing and protection both of China and the whole world.

[video v=fq-ONeBzsJ4]

YaNoDa 呀诺达 RainForest Park Scenic Area, HaiNan

The YaNoDa RainForest Park Scenic Area is located 35 kilometers from SanYa, HaiNan Island, south China ...

FenJieZhou Island 分界洲, HaiNan province

South China

SanYa, HaiNan island 三亚海南岛

The most southerly part of China, HaiNan is warm all year with a more or less tropical climate.

Fun trip to HaiNan 海南 and YunNan 云南 provinces

University exchange to SanYa University 三亚 大学 (SānYà DàXué), HaiNan, plus a trip to south YunNan ...

'Our first month in HaiNan 海南 (paradise)' ...

Studying in HaiKou 海口, the capital of the island province.

Sanya 三亚 bay, HaiNan island

From Hainan 海南 to Harbin 哈尔滨 ...

December 2013. From the tropical far south of China to the frozen far north, a temperature difference of around 50C in winter! The Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival starts in early January. In 2014, the festival celebrated its 50th birthday and was bigger than ever. See the snow sculptures by day and the ice lantern structures by night. A winter wonderland :) Runs to the end of February (approximately, weather dependent).

Surfing at WanNing, HaiNan 海南 island

A stay in tropical SanYa 三亚, HaiNan 海南 island

Filmed in 2007

Scenes from SanYa 三亚, HaiNan

China's tropical paradise island ...

International Surfing Festival, HaiNan 海南 - video

RiYue Bay, WanNing, 2012.

An introductory guide to HaiNan 海南 island province

Explore this tropical island with CCTV's Travelogue ...

Hot Springs Spa Resort, SanYa 三亚 Bay, HaiNan island

A wonderful place to kick back, relax and chill ...

A trip to HaiNan 海南 tropical paradise island province

HaiNan ('South Sea') island is the southern-most part of China.

The beach at SanYa 三亚 Bay, HaiNan island

This tropical island is the southern-most part of China. Video by alcogolix. The original was too dark.

Sanya Bay, HaiNan 海南 island - video

A tropical island increasingly popular as a holiday destination.

Kiteboarding in HaiNan 海南

The KTA (KiteBoarding Tour of Asia) at Hainan Island, 2010

HaiKou beach, HaiNan 海南 island

A look at the peaceful HaiKou beach on the tropical island of HaiNan, the southern-most part of China ...

Surfing around HaiNan 海南 island - video

A look at surfing, kite surfing and roller-blading around HaiNan Island, the southern-most province of China.

SanYa, HaiNan 海南 : tropical resort

HaiNan province is a tropical island in south China. SanYa lies at the southern end of HaiNan and has become a popular tourist destination. A 108 meter Buddhist statue of GuanYin in SanYa, completed in May 2005, is one of the tallest statues in the world. YaLong Bay is a 7.5 kilometer beach located southeast of the city of SanYa.

HaiNan 海南 : tropical paradise

From tropical jungle to golden beaches and luxury hotels ...

Highlights of a year in China - video

Includes Hainan, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiahe, Songpan, Langmusi, Juizhaigo, Nature Reserve, Kunming, Hong Kong, Jin Xi, Zhou Zhuang, Chengdu ...

Relaxing on a beach, HaiNan 海南

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