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A night walk around Central, Hong Kong 香港

[video v=nEUDxGMsK8A]

Plus, Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor at night ...

[video v=RhV2mfS5P-M]

Beautiful HangZhou 杭州 evening gala …

A mix of classical and Chinese folk music staged on West Lake. Awesome !

[video v=Fx_WhTsXtgs stop=32:50] [video v=6yL92IT0aXQ]

Bonus films ...

[video v=zHTLc9TuWUU start=64] [video v=JfFL9nUWIGE start=45] [video v=z4-cv3NFb1k]

HangZhou : 'Heaven on Earth' - Marco Polo


An evening stroll through GuiLin 桂林 city

GuiLin, in GuangXi province, is famous for the surrounding karst peaks and rivers, but the city itself is also beautiful ...

[video v=2wedInN2vD8 start=24 stop=2:54]

An evening stroll in Xi’An 西安, ShaanXi province

[video v=f6XAu1cxbZE start=45]

An evening skate through ShangHai 上海

[video v=24ATga9Mw9o start=58 stop=182]

An evening boat ride in SuZhou 苏州 water town

About 90km west of ShangHai in JiangSu province.

ChengDu 成都 city in the evening

ChengDu is the provincial capital of SiChuan. Filmed in June 2012.

A summer's evening in BeiJing 北京 - video

May / June 2012.

Evening fountains near the Big Goose Pagoda, Xi'An 西安

In Xi'An, ShanXi province, central China ...

Evening on the Bund in ShangHai - video

With views across the HuangPu river to PuDong, including the Pearl TV Tower ...

Evening on the Bund in ShangHai 上海 (2)

Watch the colorful boats sail along the HuangPu river in front of the PuDong skyline ...

Evening river cruise through ShangHai 上海 - video

A boat ride along the HuangPu river, with views of the Bund ...

Evening dance fun at QianHai, BeiJing 北京

A popular activity across China in parks and spaces ...

An evening stroll around BeiJing 北京 - video

Filmed in summer 2009 ...

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