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ShangHai 上海 night drive …

[video v=9HfTuhisqf0]

Bonus film - ShenZhen morning drive ...

[video v=MLsG34bD-Pk]

ShangHai coach ride

On the road in Shanghai ...

[video v=lXWNM3NMI9U start=68]

Motorbiking in the outskirts of BeiJing 北京

In the mountains to the west and north of Beijing ...

[video v=ItF8meZcyEQ]
[video v=9AcW2GkfH-Y]
[video v=AOFuDVnrOlU]
[video v=dyWYa3ygqTo]

A taxi ride in Beijing

[video v=eokuxTBfbCA]

A drive through BeiJing 北京

Coach window view.

A quite interesting view of Beijing's wide and green ring roads.

[video v=R3nCmh75nwE start=150 stop=6:00]

BeiJing 北京 window view : Capital Airport to Olympic Park

A very good overview of the city through a taxi window. Filmed in August 2008.

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