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Beautiful bamboo rafting on the YuLong River 遇龙河

The peaceful YùLóng Hé between YangShuo and GuiLin, GuangXi province, south China ...

[video v=6z8lOjWELe8] [video v=f92mDp5k1Zg] [video v=Bvlxzcgrn0g] [video v=sBjKPif0iZU]

Guilin 桂林 YuLong River – boating and bamboo rafting

Relax on peaceful rides along beautiful winding rivers through lush vegetation and karst peaks.

GuangXi province, south China.

[video v=KbQconpyfsM]

TanZheSi 潭柘寺 Buddhist temple – an ancient beauty

Set in the mountains an hour west of BeiJing, TanZhe Si is a wonderfully peaceful place.

There is a saying - 'First there was TanZhe Si, then there was Beijing'.

[video v=gDDjK0OX9Qc]

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