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GuangZhou 广州 night drone flight

GuangDong province ...

[video v=QO3KwJ1l9eE]

An aerial view of ShenZhen city at night

[video v=S73izXcWhoE]

ShangHai night river cruise, with the kids

[video v=-p-cX6JX0R8]

Bonus film - ShangHai in time-lapse ...

[video v=8PQUj2rDGoM][video v=PggIL7BJTlE start=57]

A night walk around Central, Hong Kong 香港

[video v=nEUDxGMsK8A]

Plus, Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor at night ...

[video v=RhV2mfS5P-M]

ShenZhen 深圳 stroll

Modern China, center of business and commerce, began here, in GuangDong province, south east China, just forty years ago, following the vision and effort of Deng XiaoPing (1904 - 1997).

Deng XiaoPing opened China to the world, as it had been during the long period of a prior golden age with the Silk Road to the Middle East and Europe (by land) and other parts of south east Asia and as far as Africa via the Silk Road of the Sea. His policies are credited with helping China to develop in the most startling transformation that the world has ever seen, raising the standard of living of hundreds of millions. This followed his Southern Tour of 1992 when the likelihood of adoption of his vision still looked slim. Deng was also a key player in the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Too far. some might say, but without this move, the position to debate that would not now exist.

Let's take a stroll along a street in the downtown on a spring evening ...

[video v=1lXC951HI74 start=58]
[video v=P3sWrtsAAtk]
[video v=nKpIhzSBIus]
[video v=pksjXcnZ_xU]
[video v=6BTQNPtCy_c start=5]
[video v=enVrVr1DVkc]
[video v=vHWHyPB2aeI]
[video v=HFGfgN7wgQs]
[video v=5B0K1xeQNv0]
[video v=7a5A7ceSZTM]
[video v=vsj575yR9c4]
[video v=Jt0sUywXCZs]
[video v=wu3yaCo_j-c]
[video v=MLsG34bD-Pk]
[video v=oM0QXjRytJ8]

'Take me out tonight' (in Hong Kong 香港)

A beautiful and creative short film by Francis So ... Bonus film - 'Love you everyday', SuZhou 苏州 (JiangSu province); featuring the song 'Every moment of my life' by Sarah Connor ...

ChongQing 重庆 night views ...

Night time city-scapes from around China 中国

Featuring DaLian, ShenZhen, ChongQing, BeiJing, TianJin, QingDao, GuangZhou, ShangHai, HangZhou, Xi'An and ChengDu.

Hong Kong 香港 night bus tour

Join us on an open top bus for a circular trip from Central to Kowloon and back ...

ChongQing 重庆 musical fountains night shows

SuZhou city : night-time fly over and time-lapse

In particular, the SuZhou Industrial Park by JinJi Lake (first video).

ShangHai 上海 night drive ...

Bonus film - ShenZhen morning drive ...

Flying around ShangHai 上海

Beautiful drone footage, like a dream ...

Electric unicycle ride, ShenZhen 深圳

Filmed in December 2014. No 'stem' or handle-bars, and only one wheel so more easily manouverable by leans. It's just awesome ! Flying along the river at night in ZhongShan city, GuangDong province.

An evening stroll through GuiLin 桂林 city

GuiLin, in GuangXi province, is famous for the surrounding karst peaks and rivers, but the city itself is also beautiful ...

ShangHai 上海 night flight, plus daytime air-wheeling

BeiJing 北京 in motion ...

Colorful Beijing life, plus a beautiful timelapse film and more ... A look at the city through the seasons. SiChaHai central lakes area at night (QianHai and HouHai) ...

A trip to 'The Place', BeiJing 北京

The Place is a shopping and leisure center in the north of the CBD district. Take a late evening ride from GuoMao along the east 3rd ring; DaWang Lu to YongAnLi.

Beautiful LiJiang 丽江 at night ...

Song and dance, late night shopping, dining, strolling ...

The Li River 漓江 and GuiLin 桂林 night cruise

The Li River between YangShuo and GuiLin, plus the '2 rivers, 4 lakes GuiLin night cruise', GuangXi province ...

BeiJing 北京 - QianMen and TianAnMen at night

Filmed in 2012 ...

ShangHai 上海 night rider - video

Beautiful ...

ChengDu 成都 city in the evening

ChengDu is the provincial capital of SiChuan. Filmed in June 2012.

Beautiful TianJin 天津 night views

Featuring the shopping street of BinJiang Dao. TianJin municipality lies on the coast, just over an hour south east from Beijing by high speed train.

ShangHai 上海 by night (3)

Filmed in the winter of 2011 / 2012.

The Wild Goose Pagoda fountains at night, Xi'An 西安

Huge, impressive show, 8pm every day; and free !

A night-time sail along the HaiHe river through TianJin 天津

TianJin lies east of Beijing on the coast. One of the most vibrant places in China. Just 30 minutes from Beijing by high-speed rail. Take a gentle sail through beautifully lit TianJin ...

ShangHai 上海 night-time views

Including the Oriental Pearl Tower ...

Beautiful ChongQing 重庆 city from the air at night

A 7 minute excerpt from the hour long film. Awesome ...

Beautiful ShangHai 上海 by night

Filmed by Kim.

Cruising the HuangPu River in ShangHai 上海 at night

An evening in ShangHai 上海

Beautiful :) Filmed by sjohnke

Hong Kong 香港 night scenes

A beautiful film ...

An evening cruise along the HuangPu river in ShangHai 上海

Within ShangHai, the HuangPu River has an average width of 400 meters and is crossed by many subway train lines, other tunnels, bridges and ferries. The river divides the city into two regions: PuDong to the east and PuXi (the older part of Shanghai that includes the Bund) to the west. It is the last major tributory of the YangTse River before the East China Sea.

HuangPu River night cruise, ShangHai 上海

Sailing along the HuangPu River 黄浦江, ShangHai 上海

ShangHai 上海 by night - video

Evening scenes from around ShangHai ...

Night-time river cruise in GuiLin 桂林, GuangXi province

With Sticker Travel ...

The Bund, ShangHai 上海 : day and night

Filmed in the spring of 2011.

Evening on the Bund : a panorama of ShangHai 上海

The beautiful city-scape of Shanghai at night ...

Night cruise on the TaiHe river, TianJin 天津

Take a gentle sail through beautifully lit TianJin ...

XuJiaHui, ShangHai 上海 - night-time time-lapse

August 2010.

ShangHai 上海 night-time scenes (6)

Includes Nanjing Road pedestrianised shopping street and a cruise along the HuangPu River ...

A trip to the Harbin Ice Festival at night - video

See and walk through the giant-size architecture. All made from snow and ice, and illuminated by internal lights.

HuangPu River cruise by night, ShangHai 上海

Filmed in September 2010. Great views ...

NanJing Lu 南京路 in ShangHai : night and day

Filmed in August 2010. The east section of NanJing Lu (NanJing Road) is a long pedestrianized shopping street in central ShangHai that runs from the People's Square to the Bund.

Evening at the Bund in ShangHai 上海 2010 - video

ShangHai World Expo night-time flyover - video

A birds-eye view of the spectacularly lit Expo site ...

Scenes from Times Square in SuZhou 苏州

A modern and stylish shopping zone.

ShangHai 上海 night-time taxi ride

Highways, trees and buildings all lit up ...

ShangHai 上海 neon

Some night scenes in ShangHai ...

ShangHai 上海 at night : high view

The view across the HuangPu river towards PuDong

Fountains at the West Lake, HangZhou 杭州

ZheJiang province.

ShangHai 上海 night scenes - video

Looking out across the HuangPu river. The first film features a large dragon boat.

Midnight in Hong Kong 香港

Atmospheric, arty scenes ...

Evening on the Bund in ShangHai 上海 (2)

Watch the colorful boats sail along the HuangPu river in front of the PuDong skyline ...

Evening river cruise through ShangHai 上海 - video

A boat ride along the HuangPu river, with views of the Bund ...

The Olympic Plaza at night, Beijing - video

Summer 2010. A nice view of the Birds Nest lit-up ...

The ShangHai 上海 World Expo : night scenes - video

Various views of the buildings and light shows ...

Scenes of ShangHai 上海 at night

Including  the Bund, Pudong, XinTianDi, YuYuan Garden and the Huangpu River  ...

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