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China’s Mega Projects (2/5) : the efficient and hospitable 24-hour mega-city

[video v=BaogIEKIdgY]

TenCent’s car-free, futuristic mini-city in ShenZhen 深圳

Chinese technology company Tencent, the driving power behind instant messaging apps WeChat and QQ, is planning to build an entire mini-city off the banks of the Pearl River in ShenZhen, where the company has its headquarters.

[video v=p5eJeiwFMjo]

ShenZhen – the innovation city

[video v=qEJKLDbvGWY]

The beautiful, blue sky city of BeiJing 北京

Top videographers - bjKina, AnyuXu and DearNessie - take you on a tour of Beijing ...

First song : Going Home by Faye Wong, from the album To Love, 2003. Note : highly addictive music straight ahead ...

[video v=dMEUwcnH28M]

A fantastic video film by AnYu Xu ...

Includes a great hyperlapse along Beijing's south-north axis, from   Plus more videos ...



City transport options in China – bus, taxi, e-bike, metro, bicycle

In this film, NanNing in GuangXi province, but will be similar in other cities in China ...

[video v=bDJypHv8ZDM start=30]

An introductory guide to TianJin 天津 …

A short 30 minute high speed train ride from BeiJing, TianJin is the largest coastal city in northern China.

[video v=XkagEaVylUU]

Discover GuangZhou 广州 …

Provincial capital of GuangDong.

[video v=nVxWfMOb8no]   Plus more videos ...



Return to ShenZhen (plus the awesome city lights show)

Globe-trotting vlogger Jordan ('Travellight') missed China so much that she took a trip back to her first destination there - ShenZhen in GuangDong province.

Defintely don't miss the amazing light show near the end of the film (8:45) ...

[video v=bEL28bWAVZQ]

Bonus films - a short introduction to ShenZhen, and a longer guide to the city ...

  Plus more videos ...



GuangZhou 广州 night drone flight

GuangDong province ...

[video v=QO3KwJ1l9eE]

An aerial view of ShenZhen 深圳 city at night

[video v=PnwKo0LWO5s]

Views of BeiJing 北京

Video : China : Views of BeiJing 北京

A beautiful new film by David Lee ...

BeiJing 北京, the blue sky city - 1080p version, 2017

Video : China : BeiJing 北京, the blue sky city - 1080p version, 2017

Rough-cut version - a polished version will appear here some day ... Bonus films - 'One day in BeiJing', 'a 17 hours cycle ride around DongCheng, central BeiJing' and BeiJing's unicycle acrobatic stars on French TV; wow - awesome ... Love - is the only way ...

Insiders' Guides, 2016

Video : China : Insiders' Guides, 2016

With Insider TV. BeiJing ... ShangHai ... HangZhou ... GuangZhou ... ShenZhen ... Hong Kong ... Macau ...

Xi'An 西安 - lively city !

Video : China : Xi'An 西安 - lively city !

Xi'An is the provincial capital of ShaanXi, central China. August 13th 2016 : high heat alert - over 40C is seriously hot so take plenty of water (and some salty food). Xi'An is one of the oldest cities in China and was known as Chang'An prior to the Ming dynasty. Indeed, Xi'An is the oldest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, having held this position under several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, including the Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang. Xi'An was the eastern starting point of the ancient Silk Road trade route. Xi'An is also home to the Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shi Huang, who became China's first emperor after the Qin (dynasty: 220 to 210 BC) conquered / unified all of the other Warring States. Rather than maintain the title of 'king' borne by the previous Shang and Zhou rulers, he created the title of 'emperor' (皇帝, HuángDì), which would continue to be borne by Chinese rulers for the next two millennia.

An evening stroll through GuiLin 桂林 city

Video : China : An evening stroll through GuiLin 桂林 city

GuiLin, in GuangXi province, is famous for the surrounding karst peaks and rivers, but the city itself is also beautiful ...

This is ShenZhen city 深圳 !

Video : China : This is ShenZhen city 深圳 !

A beautiful, green city in GuangDong province, close to GuangZhou and Hong Kong. A 15 minute drive around ShenZhen with dash-cam A timelapse film of ShenZhen, GuangZhou and Hong Kong A comprehensive guide to ShenZhen

A drive through the city skyline of ShangHai 上海

Video : China : A drive through the city skyline of ShangHai 上海

In the late afternoon ...

An evening in ShangHai 上海

Video : China : An evening in ShangHai 上海

Beautiful :) Filmed by sjohnke

BeiJing 北京 window view : Capital Airport to Olympic Park

Video : China : BeiJing 北京 window view : Capital Airport to Olympic Park

A very good overview of the city through a taxi window. Filmed in August 2008.

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