Videos about Day, China

ShangHai 上海 night flight, plus daytime air-wheeling

[video v=HbM17oZtDDs]   Plus more videos ...



A rainy day in YangShuo 阳朔, and misty Li River 漓江 boat ride

GuangXi province.

[video v=d5ka4LXc6HU]

The Bund, ShangHai 上海 : day and night

Filmed in the spring of 2011.

[video v=ZfMoCGm-Hy0 start=1 stop=251]

A trip to ShangHai 上海 (by day)

With host Vicki Liviakis ...

[video v=dvaBfMG2SL8]
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NanJing Lu 南京路 in ShangHai : night and day

Filmed in August 2010.

The east section of NanJing Lu (NanJing Road) is a long pedestrianized shopping street in central ShangHai that runs from the People's Square to the Bund.

[video v=pKc5Nqk4KZI]   Plus more videos ...



The International Show of Peace Concert, Beijing, April 17

The International Show of Peace Concert will be the first ever global peace concert featuring celebrities, musicians and world leaders in an effort to reach out and communicate to the rest of the world how we can all join together on the road toward peace and a more sustainable and cleaner environment. “The Show of Peace” on April 17, 2010, live from Beijing, China, will be broadcast worldwide through both television and new media to a potential audience of over two billion people. The concert will honor Peace and Harmony as well as the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day with support for green initiatives.

The Show of Peace Concert, live from Beijing will establish China as a world leader for Global Peace and a Healthier Planet. Earth Day is observed in 175 countries and is now the largest secular holiday in the world celebrated by more than one billion people every year. Environmental groups have sought to make Earth Day into a day of action, which will change human behavior and create policy changes that benefit our current and future existence.For the first time ever, through the universal language of music, people from around the world will unite under the banner of Show of Peace and in the spirit of Earth Day for a globally televised live concert from Beijing. The event will feature top international and Chinese artists, along with special celebrity guests discussing the importance of protecting the planet and fostering peace.


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