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The Great Wall of China in the snow, 2018

[video v=3Ver_EzvMPU] [video v=NUMIUma8oYk]

The Great Wall : scenes from JinShanLing 金山岭 and SiMaTai 司马台

Perhaps the most beautiful section and a great hike.

About two and a half hours or so north east of BeiJing.

[video v=OEbZ5Y-sxAo]

A late autumn trip to the Great Wall 长城 of China

The picturesque JinShanLing to SiMaTai section, north east of Beijing ...

[video v=ACvDTleZo74 start=448]

The Great Wall 长城 of China : JianKou to MuTianYu

A hike of about 4 hours or so, starting with the magnificent 'Wild Wall' at JianKou.

Situated about one and a half hours north of BeiJing.

[video v=nrx27Cz1B8E]

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