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Our China trip, 2017

[video v=60f27o42UrA] [video v=sMMhpBLTt-w] [video v=9nu5aavfCW4]

‘I remember you’ – China 中国 tour …

Get up, get up, get up (and go).

With a cool drum and bass mix, and some snazzy editing ...

[video v=-z9yEyft-3c start=10] [video v=3aEZDNuR5J8 start=10]

Beautiful aerial tour of GuiZhou 大美贵州 …

[video v=o3uKzjLTX0k]

China 中国 tour highlights

A 12 day tour to BeiJing, Xi`An, SuZhou, HangZhou and ShangHai.

[video v=Au-oZJpjB3Q]

China and YangTse River 长江 tour

[video v=vx6yT54W1P4]

Xi'An 西安 tour

A vacation in BeiJing 北京

Hello China 中国 !

Fast-paced scenes of China ...

A trip to China 中国 (4) - video

A tour of Beijing, Xi'An, ChongQing, the Three Gorges on the YangTse River, ShangHai and GuiLin ...

Denison University musicians' tour of China 中国

Musicians from the US tour BeiJing, ShangHai and Xi'An. In the summer of 2010, more than 60 student musicians and several Music Department professors packed their bags, jumped on a plane, and walked into a whirlwind that carried them through three Chinese cities in ten days.

China tour scenes - video

Sights in popular tour cities ...

A tour of Beijing, Xi'An and Shanghai - video

Lots of great sights ...

ShangHai 上海 scenes - quick tour

A quick tour of the city ...

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