Videos about GuiYang, China

WuJiang village and QingXi gorge, GuiZhou province

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The beautiful QianLing Mountain Park, GuiYang, GuiZhou province

With BeiJing Liu ...

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Bonus film - GuiYang walk at night - with Walk East ...

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The ‘Forbidden City’ of GuiYang, GuiZhou province

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Night walk in the capital of China’s poorest province

GuiYang city, GuiZhou province, China.

GuiZhou borders GuangXi to the south, YunNan to the west, SiChuan to the northwest, the municipality of ChongQing to the north, and HuNan to the east, making it a central location in some of China's most picturesque scenery ...

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Bonus film - XiaSi ancient town, KaiLi City, GuiZhou province ...

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A walk in GuiYang, provincial capital of GuiZhou

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A guide to beautiful GuiZhou 贵州 province

GuiZhou is a mountainous province in south China, known for its awesome scenery, ancient rural villages and diverse ethnic cultures.

GuiZhou borders SiChuan and ChongQing to the north, YunNan to the west, GuangXi to the south and HuNan to the east. The provincial capital is GuiYang.

Many Chinese ethnic minorities have been living in this region for many centuries; these include the Miao, Yao, Yi, Qiang, Dong, Zhuang, BouYei, Bai, TuJia, GeLao and Sui.

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An introduction to GuiZhou 贵州 province

The provincial capital is GuiYang.

[video v=4wTZ7j7Djso]

The 9th National Traditional Games for Ethnic Groups

Opening ceremony highlights.

This event showcases the traditional sports and cultures of China's 55 minority groups. It was held in September at GuiYang in GuiZhou province.

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