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The beautiful, blue sky city of BeiJing 北京

Top videographers - bjKina, AnyuXu and DearNessie - take you on a tour of Beijing ...

First song : Going Home by Faye Wong, from the album To Love, 2003. Note : highly addictive music straight ahead ...

[video v=dMEUwcnH28M]

A fantastic video film by AnYu Xu ...

Includes a great hyperlapse along Beijing's south-north axis, from [TianTan, the Temple of Heaven], QianMen, through Tian'AnMen, GuGong ('Old Palace', the 'Forbidden City' / Palace Museum), JingShan Park, the Drum and Bell Towers and onto the Olympic Park and Olympic Forest Park ...

[video v=-UuJxmU6OCQ]

New (old) BeiJing - fashion, food and the vibe, with DearNessie.

A vlogging masterclass - 'show don't tell'; plus deft editing and great music ...

[video v=VVTbcEYz2D8]


Blue sky BeiJing 北京

[May 15th 2017] Heat-wave ahead !

Summer is hotting up in BeiJing this week - into the high 30s C (90s F in old money).

Keep cool (keep hydrated), be cool (sensible, giving and creative), keep in touch (we love your feedback and input), and above all - love life (live more; BE love) ...

[video v=ADY1DbB8FqI] [video v=cZ-xw1YqURY] [video v=tDZNuAZwCW0]

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To have and to be - huh ?

The two big verbs - to have and to be ...

Thinking through this seemingly abstract concept could change your life, for the better. Two very different ways to live; or rather - really live or not really live.

To have is good, to a point; but can be a holding onto more than we really need, and a baggage of the past dragged into the future that prevents us living in the real now. For what we 'have' is not just physical stuff - it is also the clutter and beliefs in our mind.

To be, is to live, free of the past and all that we 'have' (and 'know'). Live more ... be more ...

Listen less (to others and beliefs), and look more (and think more, based on what is, not on what you have heard).

Someone once said that to love is much better than to be loved; to give so much better than to receive (have); and so it is with to have and to be ... To be is the way.

Everything taken, comes to an end. Everything given ripples through time for an eternity.

To ask for nothing, and give all - that is love.

To be, not to have.


You might like to read Erich Fromm's To Have or To Be, and The Art of Love, which also explore this concept, and is essentially what the Buddha told us. Easy read; concise and potent.

Also good reading : Jiddhu Krishnamurthi - for example, Commentaries on Living (three easy read volumes), and Alan Watts - for example, The Way of Zen.


A guide to BeiJing 北京 through the seasons …

A video treat !

Four films, starting with 'summer'.

Welcome, to the blue sky city of Beijing ...

[video v=EFhjBkX0LI0][video v=ckxVZ1_dTmc][video v=xVLhPWWHkYs]


Summer fun in Beijing 北京

* University cultural festival; afternoon ...

[video v=tnpDo4xT3Ak]

* QianHai and HouHai lakes and hutongs area, central Beijing; early evening ...

[video v=GIQfOw3Groo stop=6:50]

Summer in BeiJing 北京

Despite its northern location, Beijing, the blue sky city, is one of the sunniest places in China and, in summer, also one of the hottest.

Although around 1,000 miles north of Shanghai, and some 2,000 miles north of Hong Kong and tropical Hainan, Beijing is hotter through the summer months (mid-may to mid-September). Generally a dry heat, tropical thunderstorms can appear on occasion, and with night time temperatures in the 70s you'll be dancing in the rain ;)

Excursion ideas : the in-the-mountains Buddhist temples of JieTaiSi and TanZheSi (bus, from the western end of metro line 1), the coastal city of TianJin (train), the beach at BeiDaiHe (train) and the nearby eastern end of the Great Wall (QinHuangDao), the imperial summer resort of ChengDe (combine with a visit to Simatai / JinShanLing Great Wall; coach or train), LongQing Gorge (LongQing Xia), the Spirit Way and general countryside at the Ming Tombs.

TianJin can be a day trip as it is connected by high-speed rail, but two days would be great too. For ChengDe or BeiDaiHe, two or three days is best. Remember to take your passport in order to check in to a hotel.

Or (more locally) visit the beach / pool at ChaoYang Park. Also, consider the Summer Palace (YiHeYuan), YuanMingYuan (the 'old' / original Summer Palace), BeiHai and JingShan Parks, the Ethic Culture Park (MinZu), the Olympic Forest Park, and these places in the Western Hills: XiangShan Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, BaDaChu (Eight Great (Buddhist) Sites area).

[video v=IvsnswH82fA][video v=_eMozJwcsMU]

Memories of summer in BeiJing 北京

Video : China : Memories of summer in BeiJing 北京

The blue sky city ... Filmed by : * Summer Palace - pavdb092 * Birds Nest National Stadium - Christopher Covington * QianHai Lake - linditlife * Temple of Heaven - Wen Gui Claassen Remastered by : bjkina Birds Nest music from the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony - 'Letter to the Future'.

Summer scenes from BeiJing 北京 (2)

Video : China : Summer scenes from BeiJing 北京 (2)

The 26th Summer Universiade in ShenZhen 深圳 - Opening Ceremony

Video : China : The 26th Summer Universiade in ShenZhen 深圳 - Opening Ceremony

August 12th, 2011.

Cooling down at the People's Square, ShangHai 上海 - video

Video : China : Cooling down at the People's Square, ShangHai 上海 - video

Summer 2012.

ShenZhen 深圳 Summer Universiade 2011 highlights

Video : China : ShenZhen 深圳 Summer Universiade 2011 highlights

August 2011.

A summer's evening in BeiJing 北京 - video

Video : China : A summer's evening in BeiJing 北京 - video

May / June 2012.

The ShenZhen Summer Universiade 2011 : highlights - video

Video : China : The ShenZhen Summer Universiade 2011 : highlights - video

The 26th Summer Universiade, in beautiful GuangDong province ...

The opening of the 26th Universiade in ShenZhen - video

Video : China : The opening of the 26th Universiade in ShenZhen - video

Friday 12th August 2011. Highlights of the spectacular opening of the Summer Universiade, the world student Olympics. The cultural performances start just before halfway through the second video. The third shows the torch ceremony and innovative lighting of the flame.

Summer in BeiJing 北京

Video : China : Summer in BeiJing 北京

Filmed in 2009. Students from Emory College in the US on an exchange program visit the sights ...

Summer in BeiJing 北京 (2) - video

Video : China : Summer in BeiJing 北京 (2) - video

A nicely compiled video; charming and shows quite a lot of Beijing too ... A group of students study and travel in Beijing (May - July '09); at Beijing Normal University (LiYun apartotel - I've stayed there too :) Part 2 : A different group staying at ZheJiang University (HangZhou and ShangHai area) :

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