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Delicious street food in Xi’An 西安

ShaanXi province.

With the 'Food Ranger' Trevor James ...

[video v=YjxgM4Wvcts]

Breakfast in NanJing 南京 …

A fascinating look at the wide variety of breakfast foods on offer ...

[video v=hHltzvJYw1M]

SiChuan Cuisine in ChengDu 成都

A special culinary treat !

Trevor James, the 'Food Ranger', explores the dining scene in ChengDu, SiChuan province ...

[video v=-2TjO3KSw0E]
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Vegan and vegetarian dining in China 中国

All restaurants will have dishes to cater for vegans and vegetarians but to be certain there's no trace of meat or meat oil or egg in your food, head to a specialized vegetarian restaurant. There are quite a few in all major cities but you'll need to look them up on the net. Some of these are run by devotees, some exist to cater to Buddhist people. Some have 'meat substitutes', such as vegetable based chicken, duck, prawns, etc., made from things like bean curd and mushroom, and are remarkably good.

In these films, Nadine shows us some of what you can eat in BeiJing ...

[video v=UEnDuNRH3Ho] [video v=8XOJ2IbgPpo]

Hot tip : A great dish you can get at many restaurants is Di San Xian 地三鮮 (literally, '3 things from the earth') - stir fried potato, aubergine (egg-plant) and green pepper. Mildly spicy, filling, comforting and delicious; a great choice for anyone.

Bonus film - a wander through BeiJing and a trip to the Great Wall of China (GuBeiKou and SiMaTai) ...

[video v=uvn5eAbGz3s]

Plus, some vegetarian Chinese recipes ...

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Some traditional dining in China

Set mainly in Shanghai.

[video v=KSRNTeOicb0]

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