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Beautiful China 中国 trips

Sublime natural scenery; amazing ancient culture, yet future looking; exquisite food; friendly people ...

China, 2019. Welcome to the good life.

Live more !

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Explore beautiful XinJiang 新疆 province …

An awesome film - don't miss it ...

September trip, in 2017; charming couple.

XinJiang, north west China, includes the Tien Shan and Kunlun Shan mountains, the Taklimakan Desert, and the Tarim Basin.

[video v=nG8pKjXQ81Q]

24 hours in HangZhou 杭州 …

ZheJiang province.

[video v=HmH71FGDqc8]

Awesome SiChuan 四川 province

[video v=fZ3NVtIeYW0]
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Awesome YunNan 云南 province

First, a beautiful time-lapse film by KevinWK.

Don't miss it ...

[video v=NU7S8W1Vi_I]

Plus, A trip to LiJiang (and Shangrila), YunNan ...

[video v=UykYapv8F20][video v=LXCsc7qlKGo][video v=oERir6yl6kU]

A winter trip to HuangShan 黄山

AnHui province.

Our China trip, 2017

Winter wonderland in JiLin province

Around China trip

Including BeiJing, Hong Kong, MuTianYu Great Wall, HuaShan mountain, Xi'An, ZhangJiaJie, TianMen mountain, FengHuang, the LongShen rice terraces, YangShuo, GuiLin ...

A trip to Inner Mongolia 内蒙古 province

A beautiful film - don't miss it ...

China 中国 travel trip (72)

30 days trip to GuangZhou 广州 and ShenZhen 深圳

GuangDong province ... Bonus film - 广州花城广场延时摄影Timelapse & Hyperlapse of HuaCheng Square

Family adventure trip to China 中国

Off the beaten track ... featuring sand-dunes, an amazing salt lake, and much more. Beautiful - don't miss it ...

China 中国 travel trip, with drone

Filmed, edited and produced by : Maarten de Haas. Places include GuiLin, YangShuo, The Great Wall of China, the 'Avatar mountains' of ZhangJiaJie, DeQin, ShangRiLa, Tibet and Tiger Leaping Gorge.

China 中国 travel trip, with drone (2)

Harbin 哈尔滨 winter trip

HeiLongJiang province in north east China. Lots to see and do ... life well below zero ...

Winter trip to BeiJing 北京 and ShangHai 上海

Li River 漓江 boat trip : Guilin to YangShuo; GuangXi province

BeiJing 北京 and ShangHai 上海 - winter trip - video

A trip to the sacred HuangShan Mountain 黃山, AnHui province

HuangShan is well known for its beautiful scenery, sunsets and sunrises, unusually shaped granite peaks, ancient pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above. Some of the peaks rise more than 1,800 meters (6,000 feet). HuangShan is a frequent subject in traditional Chinese paintings and literature. HuangShan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of China's most popular tourist destinations. The HuangShan area is also noted for Chinese teas of high quality. In the first film, a group of photographers spend a week on the Yellow Mountain and show that patience and dedication pays off ...

China 中国 trips, 2016; part 2

The Li River 漓江 and YangShuo 阳朔 trip

The town 'where nobody is a stranger' ...

China 中国 trip, August 2016 - feature length (4K)

Including YunNan and GuangXi provinces ...

'I remember you' - China 中国 tour ...

Get up, get up, get up (and go). With a cool drum and bass mix, and some snazzy editing ...

China 中国 trip, 2016

BeiJing, ShangHai, Xi'An, GuiLin ... Bonus film - diabolo around China ...

China 中国 trips, 2016

A trip to TianZiShan 天子山 and TianMenShan 天門山, ZhangJiaJie

Part of WuLingYuan National Park and Nature Reserve, Hunan province Bonus film - Tim and Glo in ShangHai ...

A wonderful family trip through China 中国

A must see, beautiful film if you're thinking of traveling to China - one of the very best films of its type : great adventures, lovely family. Places visited include BeiJing, Xi'An, ZhangJiaJie, GuiLin, Hong Kong, HuaShan, the LongJi rice terraces, and more ...

A motorcycle trip through Inner Mongolia 内蒙古

The beautiful, wide-open grasslands of north China ... Bonus film - Mongolian music : 'Silent Sky' by the HAYA Band with DaiQing TaNa ...

Fun trip to HaiNan 海南 and YunNan 云南 provinces

University exchange to SanYa University 三亚 大学 (SānYà DàXué), HaiNan, plus a trip to south YunNan ...

West Lake 西湖 boat trip, HangZhou 杭州

ZheJiang province. Xī Hú is a fresh water lake with the city on side. There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, bridges and artificial islands within and around the lake. West Lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an outstanding example of Chinese garden arts and the guiding principle of harmony between human and nature.

Winter trip to LiJiang 李江 YunNan province

Good times in China 中国 ...

BeiJing and ShangHai ...

A few days in ShangHai 上海

China trip, 2013 - ShangHai 上海 and YangShuo 阳朔

Filmed in the summer of 2013 ...

BeiJing 北京 trip vlog

Follow Inês (from Portugal) in her week long trip to China's capital city ...

Sailing along the beautiful Li River 漓江

Between YangShuo and GuiLin, GuangXi province.

China 中国 trip, 2013 (9)

Filmed in November 2013. Places featured: Hong Kong *, Li River (GuangXi) *, LiJiang (YunNan), Tiger Leaping Gorge *, ChengDu (pandas), Tibet *, ShangHai, BeiJing (wild Great Wall *); * indicates most footage.

China 中国 trip; a feature length film ...

A 70 minute feature length film. Starting at MuTianYu Great Wall, Beijing.

Dance around China 中国 (5)

Foreign exchange student Jake 'dancing' through BeiJing, ChengDu, Xi'An, Lhasa, YangShuo, ZhangJiaJie, ShangHai, FengHuang and Hong Kong. A fun film ...

BeiJing 北京 day trip

China and YangTse River 长江 tour

Two months in China's south west 中国

Highlights of an eight week trip though Tibet, YunNan, SiChuan, GanSu and QingHai provinces (2007).

Great Wall 长城 adventures

Widescreen remix ...

Together around China 中国 - video

Filmed in 2013. BeiJing, Forbidden City and Great Wall - ZhangJiaJie, National Forest Park and WuLingYuan Scenic Area - YangShuo, Li River - Shangri-La, SongZanLin Monastery and BaLaGeZong - ShanGri-La - Grand Canyon National Park - Tiger Leaping Gorge - YangTse River - LiJiang, Old Town - Hong Kong.

China 中国 trips 2013 (4)

The film covers BeiJing, Xi`An, SuZhou, HangZhou and ShangHai ...

China 中国 trips 2013 (3)

Students travel China 中国

From Australia.

Two weeks in China 中国

Spring 2013.

China 中国 trip videos, 2013

China 中国 trips (4), 2012 - video

Films from the tail-end of 2012 ...

Xi'An 西安 tour

Exploring BeiJing 北京

Beautifully filmed in 2012 ...

BeiJing 北京 trip, 2012

BeiJing 北京 trip, in September - video

The beautiful blue-sky city ...

2010 China 中国 trip - video

Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'An, Guilin, YangShuo, LongJi rice terraces, and Hong Kong

A journey through China 中国 - feature length

BeiJing, Xi'An and ShangHai. A feature-length film ...

A motorbike trip into west China 中国

From the Himalayas to the Gobi Desert ...

A trip to China 中国 (2)

Filmed in 2012.

A trip to China 中国, 2012

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