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The rise of smartphone payments in China

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TianZiFang 田子坊, ShangHai

TiánZǐFāng is a neighborhood of labyrinthine alleyways off TaiKang Road (TàiKāng Lù).

TianZiFang is known for small craft stores, coffee shops, trendy art studios and narrow alleys. It has become a popular tourist destination in ShangHai, and an example of the preservation of local ShiKuMen architecture, with some similarities to XinTianDi.

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NanLuoGuXiang 南锣鼓巷, BeiJing

NánLuóGǔXiàng was first constructed during the Yuan Dynasty and received its current name during the Qing Dynasty, around 1750. The alley is approximately 800 meters long.

In recent years, the area's HuTongs have become a popular tourist destination with restaurants, bars, live music, tea and coffee shops, fast food and souvenir shops, as well as some old SiHeYuan associated with various famous historic and literary figures. NanLuoGuXiang subway station is located near the south entrance to the alley.

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SanLiTun 三里屯, BeiJing

SānLǐTún is a popular destination for shopping, fashion, dining and entertainment.

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The Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park 蓝色港湾, Beijing

Located adjacent to the the north west corner of the massive, and feature packed, ChaoYang Park in east Beijing.

There are more than 600 famous retail stores, more than 30 restaurants, over 20 waterfront bars, the Saga Cinema, the All-Star ice skating club plus large KTV complexes with private rooms. By day and night, there is something for everybody ...

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An evening stroll through GuiLin 桂林 city

GuiLin, in GuangXi province, is famous for the surrounding karst peaks and rivers, but the city itself is also beautiful ...

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A trip to ‘The Place’, BeiJing 北京

The Place is a shopping and leisure center in the north of the CBD district.

Take a late evening ride from GuoMao along the east 3rd ring; DaWang Lu to YongAnLi.

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Beautiful TianJin 天津 night views

Featuring the shopping street of BinJiang Dao.

TianJin municipality lies on the coast, just over an hour south east from Beijing by high speed train.

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A trip to an indoor clothes market in BeiJing 北京

Five massive floors with hundreds of stalls on each ...

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NanLuoGuXiang 南锣鼓巷, BeiJing

Sticker Travel visits the delightful NanLuoGuXiang street in the hutongs of BeiJing ...

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Shopping in ShangHai 上海

Video : China : Shopping in ShangHai 上海

Including the famous NanJing Lu ...

WangFuJing 王福井, BeiJing - video

Video : China : WangFuJing 王福井, BeiJing - video

Filmed in October 2010.

NanLuoGuXiang 南锣鼓巷, BeiJing

Video : China : NanLuoGuXiang 南锣鼓巷, BeiJing

A long hutong, more or less pedestrianized, now lined with interesting shops, boutiques and cafes ...

ZhongGuanCun 中关村, BeiJing - video

Video : China : ZhongGuanCun 中关村, BeiJing - video

ZhongGuanCun, in Haidian district, to the north west of Beijing, has become a retail magnet, including huge computer and technology malls. The area has many high rise buildings, many housing international technology companies and looks particularly nice at night with lots of neon and creative street lighting. It is also close to many universities and WuDaoKou For general shopping visit the malls near Haidian HuangZhuang subway station (lines 4 and 10); for the computers, cameras etc. malls, ZhongGuanCun subway station is nearest (line 4). YuanMingYuan and the Summer Palace (BeiGongMen subway station; 'North Palace Gate') are just a little further along subway line 4.

A shopping mall in ShangHai - video

Video : China : A shopping mall in ShangHai - video

One of many ... This one is the Super Brand Mall in LuJiaZui.

NanJing Lu 南京路 in ShangHai : night and day

Video : China : NanJing Lu 南京路 in ShangHai : night and day

Filmed in August 2010. The east section of NanJing Lu (NanJing Road) is a long pedestrianized shopping street in central ShangHai that runs from the People's Square to the Bund.

'The Place' mall in BeiJing 北京

Video : China : 'The Place' mall in BeiJing 北京

The plaza in this shopping and leisure zone has a large overhead LED screen ...

A guide to a few of the many shopping centers in BeiJing

Video : China : A guide to a few of the many shopping centers in BeiJing

The poster thumbnail looks really bad but the video is ok ...

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