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Parks, malls, architecture, gardens and food in SuZhou 苏州

With Rafa Goes Around! ...

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New ShangHai mall

[video v=zrxElSD42P8]

This is ChangSha 长沙, provincial capital of HuNan

YangHu Wetland Park ...

[video v=AUaayrhksxc]

Downtown ...

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The Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park 蓝色港湾, Beijing

Located adjacent to the the north west corner of the massive, and feature packed, ChaoYang Park in east Beijing.

There are more than 600 famous retail stores, more than 30 restaurants, over 20 waterfront bars, the Saga Cinema, the All-Star ice skating club plus large KTV complexes with private rooms. By day and night, there is something for everybody ...

[video v=oq_3RO_mglo start=45]   Plus more videos ...



Girl band in ShangHai mall

Two short clips ...

[video v=2dtQXiLE3ww]
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WangFuJing 王福井, BeiJing

Filmed in October 2010.

[video v=b_lFmdqMCxY]

A shopping mall in ShangHai

One of many ...

This one is the Super Brand Mall in LuJiaZui.

[video v=vAh7Q63jR5I]

‘The Place’ mall in BeiJing 北京

The plaza in this shopping and leisure zone has a large overhead LED screen ...

[video v=FS8YEaf_xsc start=12]

The giant screen at The Place, Beijing

Located close to the Central Business District (CBD) in east/central Beijing.

The screen area is 7,500 square meters.

[video v=qxMZFB90W8s start=175]

Lion Dance at the Oriental Plaza mall, BeiJing 北京

Film taken October 2009.

[video v=k3gzB1IMWQw]

A guide to a few of the many shopping centers in BeiJing

Video : China : A guide to a few of the many shopping centers in BeiJing

The poster thumbnail looks really bad but the video is ok ...

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