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ShangHai 上海 Special 2

The Bund | WaiTan | HuangPu River | PuXi & PuDong

[video v=-uSqulOjlbo]

Pudong | Lujiazui Financial Zone | Oriental Pearl TV Tower

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ShangHai 上海 Special 1

PuDong CBD, LuJiaZui 浦東:陸家嘴

[video v=WFKC5-aE5LM start=10]

XinTianDi 新天地

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A trip to ‘The Place’, BeiJing 北京

The Place is a shopping and leisure center in the north of the CBD district.

Take a late evening ride from GuoMao along the east 3rd ring; DaWang Lu to YongAnLi.

[video v=rJDgSA3ZvG0 start=22]   Plus more videos ...



Chang’An DaJie and TianAnMen, central BeiJing 北京

TianAnMen Square and to the east along Chang'An Avenue, near the new CCTV complex and the CBD

[video v=VQLWVp_hF5w start=170]

CBD taxi ride, Beijing

Like a dream.

An artistic film in black and white ...

[video v=1tvzgHmmrk4]

The giant screen at The Place, Beijing

Located close to the Central Business District (CBD) in east/central Beijing.

The screen area is 7,500 square meters.

[video v=qxMZFB90W8s start=175]

DongZhiMen, the CBD and The Place in Beijing

A walk around the central/east part of Beijing ...

[video v=uBvRiDW2JBw]

Winter lights in BeiJing 北京

[video v=kj5tk1Rrkkk]

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East 东 BeiJing 北京

Places include the 798 Art District at DaShanZi, Happy Valley amusement park, Silk Street Market, the Central Business District (CBD), 'The Place' and SanLiTun bar area.

[video v=o0lSYm0fTyY]
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