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Hong Kong 香港 coastal hike – the other / wild side of HK …

[video v=FtAH_XjhLb0]

Bonus film - big city Hong Kong trip ...

[video v=pE98p8-70KY]

Beautiful XiaMen 厦门 …

XiàMén is a coastal city in FuJian province, east / south east China.

[video v=tUJg5Lo1t9g]

A trip to XiaMen 厦门

XiaMen is a beautiful coastal city in FuJian province, south east China ...

[video v=BTNPzAiP8OA]

ShanHaiGuan 山海关, HeBei province

ShānHǎiGuān, 'Mountain Sea Gate', close to QinHuangDao. Where the Great Wall of China meets the ocean ...
[video v=Ejb2K59XJro]
[video v=2GFv2ObKxBU]
[video v=AGTXlLHr0Ms]
[video v=0PcoDB-60DQ start=1:18]


A guide to QingDao 青岛, ShanDong province

Explore this east-China coatal city with CCTV's Travelogue ...

[video v=bjJtA4YOj1U] [video v=8_VpGoZpP1E]

Kite Surfing in XiaMen 厦门 - video

XiaMen is a port city in FuJian province, east China. It is widely regarded as a pleasant city, with fine beaches. This film looks at the KiteBoard Tour of Asia in 2009; first stop in XiaMen.

A trip to QingDao and LaoShan mountain - video

A motorbike and sidecar trip from Beijing to the coast ...

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